Best Notepad?

  • What is the best notepad or ipad to use with the Spark amp? My amp should be here on Tuesday and I want to buy a new pad to dedicate to it.

  • Excellent question, I'd like to hear what people have to say because I am having the same thoughts myself.

  • "Best" is a relative term. That's like asking which is better...Coke or Pepsi? In my opinion I think it depends on whether you prefer the Apple OS or Android OS, and how much you're willing to spend on it.

    If you have no preference or you're just undecided, then it would be wise to do your homework and research what's available.

  • @p_paterson does not matter - unless - you plan on using said tablet for other tasks as well

    in my case I had an Avid 11 rack and an iPad and when I tried out Bias FX iPad I sold my 11 rack since I do not need two devices that can do the same thing and for me an iPad does it all - so if you are set on just using a device to run the spark companion app just about any way you choose will be fine and since you just bought hardware that does something not sure I'd recommend my usual choice since it is more powerful than the spark amp and costs more

  • @tafkad Thank you tafkad. Can I ask which model of iPad you use?

  • @p_paterson 2nd gen pro 10"