“Free” Studio One - Mod please answer

  • The download for Studio One Prime is promoted as a feature of our pre-order, but it’s been pointed out here (not addressed though as far as I can tell) that Prime is the free version of this software.

    The manual even lists Free Studio One Prime as a feature in the box. Does the download code included do anything at all? A customer skeptical of your business practices might wonder if the code is somehow part of an affiliate program where you drive up Presonus’ free downloads in exchange for a kickback.

    Can we get some disclosure on what’s going on and why you’ve bothered advertising an already free program at all? Are you being compensated for advertising for them?

    How do you justify pitching this as a bonus when we can all go get it right now for free anyhow? Do you plan to throw us a bone in order to actually provide some added value to our preorders?

  • Totally agree with you in fact Studio One Prime doesn't support third party VST plugins full stop, so you would not be able to use any BIAS VST plugins you may have.
    Of course there is always the amazing Cakewalk by Bandlab which is the full DAW including VST support.
    So Positive Grid to throw in a freebie is a bit cheeky almost an insult to new users who might not be so savvy about DAW's.
    I know this post probably relates to Spark but don't be fooled into thinking you are getting any extras.


  • I hear you- even the activation process is messy and broken. At least they had a doc updated today.