Jam Along Stuck on 1st Bar

  • Having an issue with the Jam Along feature. I play a song and after first 4 bars (the top row), it doesn't continue on to the next line. It just restarts the song. Sometimes it does get a second or 2 into bar 5 on the second line, but it still repeats. I see the loop button on top and it's not selected (not red).

    Any one see this?

  • I saw this with my Spark that was delivered yesterday, same exact thing. Today it’s working perfectly though, just did three songs no problem a few minutes ago. The only thing I did different from yesterday was to go into my ipad settings, go to the spark app and turn on the microphone. That shouldn’t have any impact, but thats the only thing I did different from yesterdays settings. I went there mainly to confirm that the access to “media and apple music” was turned on (which it was from yesterday).

  • That has to be the stupidest fucking thing I've heard of...

    I turned off the microphone for spark (it was on) and then turned it on.


    Thanks bud!

  • I was one of the early buyers. I got mine delivered (finally) on Friday April 17th. A couple of months late, but ok it's here. First impressions, I like it. Connects to my iPad Pro easily, but whoa, as soon as I try the jam along I get this same problem. It plays the first 4 bars and repeats over and over.

    Going to try turning the iPad mic off and on. Hopefully that fixes it. Otherwise will be looking for a software patch.

  • @pearlfukinjam Mine did this for a few minutes (like 3 or 4) and then got normal.

  • Hi all, it might have missed something, but where is the mic on/off setting in the Spark app ?? cannot find it. I have the same issue with Jam along.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @steph_hebert
    Not in the Spark app, but in your ipad/phone menu. That's what 'fixed' it for me.

  • Yes, The "Classic Blues Rock Guitar Backing Track" under their Rock section hangs when doing chord analysis. I've tried everything, deleting the app and re-install, turning the mic, bluetooth etc. on/off. No response from tech support.

  • @kharri I have the same problem, but this appears to be the only track doing this. Most of the others already have the chord sequence.

  • And this was the one I was hoping would work