Can't record Spark audio to DAW

  • I have installed the new ASIO sound driver, but I can't record a guitar track from Spark to my DAWs via USB. I've tried Mixcraft 9, Audacity, Digital Performer, Sonor. When I try to choose Spark as the audio device, I either get no options to record via Spark, or a visual connect but no signal when I hit the "record" button. I did get a VERY low signal using Presonus Studio 3.3, but it's unusable. My guitar and Spark levels are turned up very high. I can play back from my PC to spark, but not record. Is anyone successfully recording their guitar thru Spark via USB to a track on a PC digital audio workstation? (I can probably record via the Spark headphone output using an audio interface, but that's a last resort for me).

  • I have not had any issues recording from Spark to Reaper. Installing the firmware update brought the audio in levels up so make sure you do the update. Also make sure your DAW settings are correct.

  • @cottero I've been trying to install the beta update via my iPad. I've contacted PG, but when I install Test Flight and click on the link to the IOS version of the beta, I get no notice or link to update the firmware. May I ask how you updated?