iRig Blueboard MIDI Controller problem, Bias FX 2 with Garageband, MacOS

  • Hi there,
    I was using my iRig Blueboard Controller on iPad Bias FX charmly. But I want to use it with Bias FX 2 on Garageband, it does not work. I tried iRig Blueboard app with Mac. It can change controls in Garageband, but when it comes to plug-in Bias FX2, it bolded textdoes not help. By the way, I can use it with Standalone Bias FX 2. Do you know how to solve this problem?

  • Fairly certain Garageband doesn't support most midi mapping. If you're using the AU plugin, that might carry over the midi mapping from the standalone version regardless of what Garageband supports (after googling it appears a handful of AU softsynths can do this to control parameters) but you may want to try out some other DAWs.

  • @gorkemyavas I have the same problem on Ableton Live 10. With the standalone version of BIAS FX 2, the Blueboard works, if I try to use it while working on Ableton - BIAS FX 2 doesn't respond 😔