Bias FX 2 - Bias WebView threads not shutdown

  • Hello,

    After a recording & mixing session on Reaper 6, using multiple instances of the x64 VST plugin, I closed everything and did other things.
    Few hours later, I noticed that I still have 6 "BIAS WebView" threads that are still running (and 4 of them still using processor power : each ~1,5 to 4% of my i7 3,4Ghz, and combined, are using ~600MB of RAM).

    Those processes should be cleaned up and shutdown when the host is closed.

    BIAS FX 2
    Reaper 6.08
    Windows 10 up-to-date

  • @killergege "Those processes should be cleaned up and shutdown when the host is closed."

    I agree with you, in my case, the BIAS Webview processus stops when I close Ableton with multiple instances of bias FX2 x64 VST Plugin, but 3 BIAS Webview threads for each instance of VST plugin loaded...and they are very hungry in term of resources Memory and CPU. The loading window when you open the plug in on a track causes audio crackles with MOTU ASIO buffer Size of 256 MB in a four tracks session in 44.1kHZ , simple mono presets on it even with BIAS applications installed on SSD Drives...


    BIAS FX 2
    Ableton 10 Intro
    Windows 10 up-to-date 8GB of Ram, SSD drives

  • I have this same problem in Studio one professional. Webview running 6 to 8 times using alot of RAM even after closing DAW. What is Web view and why is this happening? How do I shut it off? I have Windows 8 plenty of RAM and I7 processor. Is it because you have to be logged into tone cloud to run software? I logged out of Tone cloud and it made me relogin to verify license.

  • Had this exact same issue using Bias FX 2 in Cubase Pro 10.5. Also, while I was still working in the project, BIAS was causing CPU spikes and playback issues like I have never experienced before. This was a small project with maybe 8 instances of BIAS FX 2, out of around 50 total tracks and after a couple hours the CPU and RAM were pegged at 100%, causing audio drop outs and stutters, slowing my entire machine to a crawl to the point where Superior Drummer was crashing because there was not enough room to load the samples into memory.. I frequently work in projects with high track counts (150+) and at least a dozen of those being BIAS Amp 1 with no issues or CPU spikes whatsoever.

    It has been three months since the bug was reported in this thread and it's still not fixed. Your product is unusable. You should be concerned.

  • Here's the reply I got from technical support. Haven't tried it yet, lol.

    "Please try the following:

    1). Rename the BIAS_FX2 folder in Documents/PositiveGrid to "BIAS_FX2 backup"

    2). Delete BIAS FX2.settings at

    %APPDATA%\PositiveGrid\BIAS FX2.settings

    APPDATA might be a hidden folder on your PC, please refer to the link below

    3). Go to Windows Setting -> Sound, and make sure both Output and Input devices are selected.

    Ideally they should be assigned to your audio interface, but you can also use the computer's built-in sound card.

    Also, in Windows Sound Control Panel, please go to Properties -> Advance page for each device, and check everything's using the same buffer size and sample rate.

    4). Make sure all cloud-based services (Google Drive, One Drive, etc) are disabled for Documents folder & Desktop on your PC."

    I'm gonna run it for a few days before I check back in with results.

  • @ilovebadmovies said in Bias FX 2 - Bias WebView threads not shutdown:

    Here's the reply I got from technical support. Haven't tried it yet, lol.

    Here is a far better solution

    1). Right Click on 'Start' Icon in the task bar
    2). Select 'Apps and Features'
    3). Scroll down until you find the entry for 'BIAS FX2'
    4). Left Click and select 'Uninstall'
    5). Follow all further instructions to facilitate the desired result.

    I found this to solve all my PG software related issues!!!

  • @dawseeker I can see that working. lol

  • Ok, so, here's what worked. For me.
    (Because the CS advice didn't change anything)

    Saved my presets in my VST's.
    Deleted each instance of all VST's and FX.
    Re-applied them all.

    WebView still runs in the background, however it's only running 1 instance in task manager per 1 instance in my project. Instead of, you know, 3-4 instances each. And the use of RAM is much more "reasonable".