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    Can someone help me figure out this?
    I'm using Bias FX Mobile, with a Laney lv200 amp and i want to know the recommended output settings for that, and where do i need to connect in the amp, in the amp front or in the effects loop...


  • @edgar-rafael-gonzalez you can use both, experimentation is key and watch your levels - you can try any combination of settings you like and judge them by ear (you will make bad sounds too) - use and effects loop for adding just effects like reverb and delay back into the return (if the return is mono you can also return into another amp for stereo using it's power section) - put in in front like a stomp box setup too for drive and compression and distortion wah etc - I had a setup going with a Peavy Valveking single 12 tube amp sending the fx loop out into a soundcard into an ipad back out the soundcard stereo into a stereo 50 watt tube rack amp into a pair of 75 watt Creambacks - this gave me The single 12 amp on it's own all natural clean and dirty switchable with no bias and gave the 2x12 as bias processed midi switchable tones in combination for a very interesting setup even with amp sims and speaker sims on - great fun


  • Thanks @tafkad really appreciate your help.
    The thing is, i already tried every combination i could think of, and i never get a proper sound, it always lacks body, and sounds like a toy, compared to the sound of the amp itself, that's why i asked if i was doing something wrong.

    My settings is really simple, i have an ipad, a Line 6 Sonic Port(mono) and a Laney lv200. I've tried the following settins:

    • Guitar > Interface > Front amp with "front amp" bias fx output settings
    • Guitar > Interface > Front amp with "direct out" bias fx output settings
    • Guitar > Interface > FX Return with "direct out" bias fx output settings
    • Guitar > Front amp > FX Send > Interface > FX Return with "direct out" bias fx output settings

    Neither of them sounded good to me, do you have any other ideas i could try?

  • @edgar-rafael-gonzalez try stepping back and take a break - play without it just your amp and wait til you get that right state of mind to work your ears again (which is what we do) with the knowledge you have now from the first rounds:

    1. it sounds way different than you thought

    2. it is hard to integrate a cheap soundcard with a "proprietary" computing engine and a real life amp when really it is sort of asking our gear to do more than it should

    My solution was always this:

    1. Augmentation - keep the LV200 natural (don't return bias to it)

    2. send the Laney sound you already like to your "other" chain

    now you need a new return destination like a +PA or a good stereo tube power amp (which you can easily build or find at reasonable cost)

    the PA solution works well and you can even buy yourself a little stereo PA head (like a mackie) and have two speakers like I do (I use a small yorkville with 2 small cabs)

    it creates a very cool sound mix you can control and is the way the gear can provide more options

    Best of luck and hope it makes sense - cheers

  • @edgar-rafael-gonzalez here is some pictures of a system back on an iPad 3rd gen that worked well for what it was at the time (no bias through the valveking)

    first with a stereo PA to catch the returns from the soundcard with the bias signal (no 12's in the bottom cab for this pick - 2x12 stacked mono + stereo pa)

    this is with a stereo tube power amp catching the soundcard bias signal a pair of creambacks (sounded great)
    0_1586877200476_bias+stereo amp.jpg
    I saw this and still do as the way to integrate amps and bias together and it gives you this triangle of sound - cheers