Since update to Bias FX2 V2.1.9 Need to login every time i start BIAS FX2

  • Not sure if anyone else is having this issue after having previous version working without issue both stand alone and in Studio One V4, since update i now have to log in with user name and password to authorise software every time i use it. I am on the elite package and this is the only install i have. I have reinstalled, logged out and logging but issue still persists. My DAW music PC is NOT connected to the grid(internet) i only connect to authorise software which i expect to do just once, not every time i use the VST or the standalone. I am using Windows 7 ( i know it is old unsupported but is normally rock solid no issues and not connected to grid so no security risk ) and Studio One V4. Any help and advice appreciated.

  • @andy-saunders don't you just love this licensing model?

  • I'm using 2.1.9 and not having this problem.

  • Thanks all, I have rolled back to v2_1_8_4840 and all my problems have gone - so looks like the latest version licencing means you need to be connected to the internet to use the software. My DAW is not on the grid as it does not need to be - means i can run my rock solid windows 7 without risk