Bias FX2 V2.1.9 Big issue with Presets

  • I've got a really big issue with Bias FX2 V2.1.9

    I had created some "User Bank" and some of the Presets in my users Bank where added as "Favorite".
    I've deleted my "User Bank" without removing those preset from "Favorite" first, and it has caused a very annoying bug.

    I've done the factory reset, the uninstall/install, removing %TMP% files, removings files in "Roaming", ... but nothing has changed.

    When I start Bias FX2 now, I have in favorite the first preset of Bias "American Dream" but I've got this Preset 2 times. I can't remove it from Favorites.

    More annoying, every time I put my mouse over the "Pop" section, it automatically add "American Dream" preset in favorite 3 times more, and again, and again, and again ... so I end by having 20 or 30 times this same preset in the Favorite menu and I can't remove any of them.

    So, while waiting for a new release version to fix this bug, is there any workaround to completely reset Bias FX ? Because obviously the Factory reset doesn't work.


  • I've managed to, at least reset completely Bias FX2 :

    • Uninstall everything
    • Removing every Bias folders in "My Documents"

  • Moderator

    Here is a new beta - v2.1.10, please feel free to give it a try:

    Download v2.1.10.4890

    Release note:

    • Fixed the "duplicated presets issue"
    • Fixed the "ToneCloud preset issue"