WET ? DRY Signal issue

  • Hi Folks,

    Thanks in advance for your help as I am very new to PG.

    I have a UA Apollo 8P and also an AxeFxIII.I am using the BIAS Pedal Standalone app. I have tried both interfaces as input devices. I get a signal but it's 50% wet and 50% dry. I cannot seem to eliminate the dry signal from either input medium. Can anyone please help?

    Also, I cannot seem to get the operating window any larger than it starts, which is very small making it very hard to read the controls.

    Thanks very much. Sorry. New to this interface and cannot immediately find anything on the topic.

    Vic Wilder
    RedCircle Guitars

  • @vic-wilder From the Apollo software manual:


    To change the size, select the gear icon in the upper right, then in the Settings menu, change the window size.


  • Thank you I really appreciate that. Must I use a DAW when using the stand alone BIAS Pedal app?

  • @vic-wilder The fix described above should work both inside a DAW and for the Standalone app.

  • This is old, I know but I had the same issue with an M-Audio interface that was driving me crazy. Same fix. Appreciate it.