2.1.9 update mess wt* PG?

  • Hey PG - I am writing this open letter to you to comment on your hasty decision to correct your own oversight (long time coming actually)

    Yes I get that I should only be able to use what I have purchased a license to use and I get you have the right to correct this goof up from your goofy tonecloud licensing model that is a total joke as I have pointed out before this new issue...

    But - the decision to correct this error without proper prior notification and BEFORE you release BIAS FX 2 iOS is an absolute MISTAKE

    This change should be one that prepares users for this fix to coincide with the actual release of the last puzzle piece of the full platform - BFX2 iOS -

    We are patient up to a point - after that we are just monkeys in the end

    thank you as always for all your hard work - cheers

    (PS this issue did not affect me in any way just thought it could be said)

  • Yes, agree with this... if PG had given notice and given people time to sort out the tonecloud patches that would have helped. They do need to sort out tonecloud so that you can filter to only see the presets that are available for the licence you have.

  • @redspecial62 they need to remove the whole individual (stand alone and plug in) license through login to tonecloud license model and make an official PG applications manager app (not some paradox app that has to license itself and can't) one like "NATIVE ACCESS" or "WAVES CENTRAL" and the list goes on (you know the Grown Up Apps...)

    I want one app that goes online logs on to my account and licenses my shit one time for all of it all at once not have to do it like 15 times on a fresh install

    I don't want my app "Constantly Looking" online which is absolutely evident when I am offline and all sorts of facts show my app is wasting MY resources for something it should not even be bothering with after the initial install and management

    I don't give a flying hoot about tonecloud and hate the concept forces me to use it to integrate my platforms and presets (I have work arounds) and feel it should never have been designed to have anything to do with licensing and never should have ever let people use things they don't have a license to use - it should just be like a built in presets forum only

    I want them to stop lying about the MAJOR iOS BIAS FX IAA BUZZSAW KILL YOUR PA BUG that is absolutely easy to recreate CONSISTENTLY and been reported by many people on this forum and FIX IT - all of course now buried below layers and layers of nonsense posts - because if they do not fix this then iOS BFX2 will be just as broken as before with iOS BFX1

    I want Bluetooth Midi connection built in to my iOS version

    I want A REAL soundcard settings page

    Speaking of page I want all midi and audio to be on ONE PAGE for Desktop AND iOS not split weirdly between multiple pages (some midi and audio and then midi only)

    I want the Desktop views to ALL SHOW RELATIVE CHANGES AND STATE and the Live View on Desktop does not work properly in this manor (all reported by many people)

    Meanwhile instead of fixing all of the issues with BFX we need yet another physical object made for the BS consumer market of physical objects destined for landfills when we have computers and tablets and phones that can do THE SAME THING EVEN BETTER and we all end up owning one or more of those devices and pay good money for apps that we want to use on them...

    so yea maybe some more meetings in the future, sober, to discuss the reality of the world and the future and what we really need and what we honestly don't need - if I need an amp I can just build yet another and so can anyone if they just use the tool upstairs, so if you want respect and money maybe realizing that the future holds no room for mass consumer physical toy marketing - can't wait til it is replaced by home licensed marketing with 3D replicators (too bad this will be long after my death) - and get back to doing software best instead of half baked