Expression Pedal not work as simple Volume control

  • I've been to all the forums but just can't figure out how to configure my expression pedal to control the Volume pedal I've added to the chain. There is a setting somewhere in Bias that I am missing. I've tried assigning the CC7 command but all it really does is turns the volume pedal on or off in the chain. It's odd because it works fine in my JamUp freebie version.

    Notice screenshot of my rig. I can move it manually on the iPad with my finger and it works, but Expression Pedal will not control it properly


  • @stuji0872 so I tried this on my iPad just to see if I could do it -

    1. I connected my bluetooth midi controller to my iPad with "TONESTACK" since BIAS FX does not offer this absolutely asked for a million times feature...

    2. I chose a patch without the volume pedal and then added one into the chain in front of the amp

    3. I switched to live view and set one of the toggle switches to the EQ category so it toggles the volume pedal (VP hereafter) on/off

    4. Switching back to the "dead view" (studio) I then held my finger on the VP until a dialogue opened offering me the option to "Learn" and I chose this while moving my VP with my foot and the behavior was indeed learned

    I am not installed on desktop currently so not exactly sure but probably not difficult either I'd suspect


    PS -> Excellent first post!!!