BIAS FX 2 not showing up as a plugin in my DAW

  • Bought the Elite bundle 2 days ago. The standalone version is perfect, no complaints, but for the life of me I can't get it to show up in Reaper. I've read every forum and blog post about it, youtube videos etc, the whole lot. I've followed every step and nothing. I've downloaded so many VSTs and copied their .dll files into their proper place enough to know that the path for detection isn't the issue. I've scanned and rescanned, I've put the file in every possible path, and still nothing. It isn't a .dll file it's a .exe file and legit don't know what to do atm. I've contacted support through email and still waiting on them to get back. I don't know whether to uninstall and then reinstall, maybe I missed a step there? I don't even know if I uninstall it whether or not I'll get a second download of it from the positive grid page? If someone's had this issue before, please, help a brother out.

  • Can someone let me know if it's ok to uninstall and reinstall? I've heard nothing back from PG, and I'm very new to the whole thing

  • Hi I would suggest going to your PG account and download the installers as a backup.
    Uninstall Bias FX 2 and any other folders connected to PG and Bias FX particularly in users/....username/appdata/roaming.
    Then do a full install checking where the VST.dll's are placed.
    You've probably done all this before :) but just in case worth a try.


  • Thanks for the response Brian. I'll give it go

  • @bucinabag Did It work? Im having the same issues with Reaper not seeing Bias FX2 Elite. I checked the path of the install of FX2 and went to Reaper and entered the path, but cant see it. How did you get it to work? Just bought FX2 today.

  • I have Pro version is it works in Reaper - no issue there. What was rather sobering was that Reaper kept crashing whenever I try to have several guitar tracks and BIAS FX2 as effect on each one, If I wanted more than 3 guitar tracks I had to use BIAS FX2 as input effect and "freeze" (render) the track. That was the case with 32-bit reaper - maybe 64-bit verion is better.