Help Needed with ableton live (trial) plugin troubleshooting

  • Hi all, I bought Bias FX 2 a couple of days ago and still cannot get it to work in any recording programs. I have been through countless tutorials and have followed each step carefully and still am not able to use this program on Ableton live trial version, i will try to explain in detail my problem (I'm very fresh with all of this so please bare with me). I have downloaded the 64bit version on windows 10, i have installed ableton live trial version, and when opening ableton live i have gone into preferences then plugin, once in the plugin section i've clicked on VST2 plug-in custom folder and chosen the 64bit from program files NOT the 32bit from program files(x86).

    the file shows up in the preferences page but does not show up in the plugin menu on the main page of ableton, i have pressed rescan and also have downloaded the updated version of bias fx 2.

    Have I missed something or possibly installed either programs incorrectly?

    any help will be greatly appreciated.