Don't install 2.1.9 update if you don't want to loose content you paid for! They force people to pay more to use what they paid for!

  • Don't update if you don't want to lose content. New release blocks most of the amps and presets leaving you with very basic stuff - even if like me, you've paid hundreds for elite pack and extensions!

  • Same thing for me. I upload the new update 2.1.9. (Bias fx 2 elite) I install on my pc. I click on the icon and nothing happen?? The file is empty. Im frustate!!
    How fix this %?&$## problem????
    (Sorry for my english, im french)

  • Next update:

    • "Alert: This lick is in Phrygian mode . Please purchase Minor Scales 2 to play this lick"

  • This is the worst business decision ever.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Are we sure this just isnt a bug? I'm hoping so... I shouldn't have to downgrade to a previous version just to keep the same functionality that I have bought..... this could be the end for me and PG.

  • WTF .... I just installed the 2.1.9 upgrade and it reverted me back to Basic after i bought and paid for the Professional. Wow .... what is wrong with these people? First they SELL you a Spark Amp that you can't actually get but every Youtuber that holds a guitar has one for free, then they pull this crap. There are so many more companies out there. Down grading and then .... See ya!!!

  • Just found this out the hard way. To hell with this. I'll be damned after purchasing Bias FX 2 Pro and Amp 2 Standard I'll upgrade just to keep my presets.

  • Same thing here, after installing, I could not use most of my downloaded presets.
    What the hell ??

  • really fucking sketchy business strategy ngl.

  • I'm sooo pissed right now. I just upgraded to 2.1.9 and three presets that I had downloaded from tone-cloud (and used) don't work anymore. Ok, I get it, they may be using amps that are not available in Standard, but blocking them now is a pure d!ck move.

    The 2.1.8 installer provided in the link above didn't work for me, but luckily I still had the old 2.1.8 installer in... Recycle Bin :)).

  • same here... i bought pro version but after updated i lost most of my presets...great f.ckin job positive grid!

  • After several attempts, I finally succeeded! I had to remove all traces of bias fx even in the registry of my PC! Yesss !!! Thanks everyone!

  • I upgraded from the demo version and now I can't get an output signal! I still have the Bias Amp demo and that works fine.

  • So it looks like with 2.1.9 if you download a tonecloud pedalboard that has an amp that is not in your FX2 licence you get the prompt to now buy Amp2. The pedalboards that are downloaded are locked, can't be edited to to swap out for gear you are licenced for and can't be deleted. A shocker from PG - first they should have announced this change before the update and it should not just give you a preset that can't be edited or deleted. alos an option in tonecloud to indicate if a preset meets your license would be useful. Not great PG!!

  • This is totally unacceptable. I just sat down to practice and none of my downloaded presets work anymore unless I pay PG more $. The same presents that worked yesterday. I'm so pissed off right now.

  • What a shame. Just upgraded and i cannot select any of my presets. I have the elite version and cant use any of my presets. Hey PG what are doing?

  • FWIW, I abandoned BIAS FX2 after it became apparent they were never going to implement even my trivial day-1 requests (remember tuner 'mute' state, be able to keep the metronome enabled on the looper during playback), and got sick of the endless nickel-and-diming. Must've spent $500 over the last few years (BIAS FX Pro, the metal/acoustic/bass packs, Bias Amp, Bias Pedal, Bias FX2 Pro, etc.)

    Recenly switched over to AXIOM, which is light-years ahead of BIAS for the thing I do (in-box recording in my DAW -- don't care about live performance features). It does a lot of things better, but the biggest win is the super-responsive user interface, which wasn't designed for a freakin' iPad. Lets you open up a window per effect/amp/etc. so you can have all the controls you want available on screen at once. Also, sub-presets: each effect unit and amp can have its own set of presets, as well as "complete-rig" level presets.

    And it was only $200 for everything, $250 if you also want their cool feedback generator. Highly recommended.

  • @esofron I bet your presets are all from Tonecloud? They have now made FX2 only run amps/FX that you have licenced. For example the relatively simple Laura Cox presets on Tonecloud no longer run on my FX2 Pro licence because she has use a Marshall that is not included in FX2 Pro. The issue is one of PG's own making - it makes sense in one way that you can only use the amps/FX in the bundle you have bought---- BUT, they have let people use all amps/FX from tonecloud in the past. They are on dodgy ground now from a marketing point of view as they advertise Tonecloud as major feature!! I like FX2, but getting a little tired of PG's marketing approach.