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    Hi, anyone else having a problem with this latest update. I ran it and now all the presets i have from the tonecloud don't work, all i get is a pop up saying i now need to buy bias amp2. They all worked fine before this update, so i am wondering is this just an issue i am having, or is this actually a deliberate part of the new update?

  • Yes, same here .. what kind of update is that?

  • found this thread after i posted
    its by philminator (so all props to him :))
    BIAS FX 2 "This preset requires BIAS AMP 2"
    So there was an update today for 2.1.9. Yesterday I bought BIAS FX 2 Std & Metal Pack on version 2.1.8. Got some patches from the tone cloud, and everything was perfect. Now all of a sudden I either need to upgrade to the Pro version and or I need to also purchase BIAS AMP 2. I know the BIAS AMP 2 requirement is false. Proof below.

    I found this under the FAQ. Q: Can I download presets which contain custom amps from ToneCloud if I don't have BIAS Amp?
    A: You can still download and use a patch that has custom amps made with BIAS Amp in it, but you can't edit the amp in BIAS Amp, or use it on other patch that you made yourself in BIAS FX, if you don't have a BIAS Amp license.


  • got this response, looks like it is a cash grab after all, i am going back to toontracks, this is a joke.

    Thanks for taking the time to write us.

    Since 2.1.9 release, we've changed the policy on BIAS FX 2's ToneCloud licensing.

    The accessibility of the presets has been adjusted. From now on, the presets that contain BIAS Amp 2 content will be unavailable to those who don't own the respecting license. This is merely to reinforce the same principle across all additional contents (BIAS Amp 2, BIAS Pedal, Celestion, expansion packs) for BIAS FX 2.

    (If you do, indeed, own BIAS Amp 2 license, please launch BIAS Amp 2 to reactivate the license in order to unlock the option in BIAS FX 2.)

    If you need any further explanation or assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you.

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  • Not Happy that what I have purchased no longer works and it even is requiring you to purchase for some of the presets that came with it

    Bad Business

  • Wow.... What else can be said.... Terrific way to lose all your customers. This is just ugly.

  • I have presets that I have made myself which now won't open without BIAS AMP 2 standard... it seems some of those may have been from my FX1 licence. I am getting more than a little fed up with PG at the moment.

  • Alos, downloading anything from the tonecloud now says I need BIAS AMP 2 .... even the headline "Marty's Lead".... is has a lock symbol in the bank and I then can't even delete it without deltign the whole bank.. This really does seem a badly thought through "upgrade"!!!

  • This is complete BS. Is there any way to rollback the update?? I wish I had the previous update file, but.. I do not.
    I was such a happy BiasFX user. Paid up to the Elite license. Now I can't use half my presets??

  • this is pretty unsettling. I'm not sure yet if it's intended or not. It appear it is. And yes, it does look like a cash grab. This is the worst part is that if this is how the things are supposed to be now, the least they could do is give an explanation on the website or in bias FX instead of just saying "NEW VERSION IS OUT WITH SUPER COOL NEW FEATURES".

    Now it's at the point where you can't use most of the things on tonecloud, even the artist's tones you see on the homepage, they're all unavailable, which honestly doesn't make much sense in terms of user experience.

    PG should explain themselves, AT LEAST.

  • Hello everyone, my problem is worse than yours. Yesterday, I saved and installed update 2.1.9 on my PC. When I wanted to open it, my computer shut down. Since then, I can start again, do everything and even make a restore point on my pc, nothing works! It seems that my PC can no longer open Bias fx 2. I see the icon and I click on it but nothing works. Even the link from the old version 2.1.8. do not work. It does not open. I am discouraged because I can no longer play the guitar. Can you tell me how to correct this serious error? Thank you.

  • @pfaugh
    Hello, it's been at least 10 times that I uninstall and reinstall this version of bias fx (2.1.8). My pc saves it, I see the icon in the task bar but when I click on it, it doesn't work. Nothing is happening. Do you have any idea of the problem?

  • @jean_pierre_henriet I have a Mac and it works perfectly. Sorry, no idea about PC. Maybe someone with a PC can chime in here and lend a hand to a brother in need.

  • @pfaugh Have you restarted

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  • @jean_pierre_henriet I would uninstall reboot reinstall and reboot
    I down graded mine and it works
    Let me know

  • @pcijohn
    Ok, i'll try!

  • Tonecloud doesn't even let you download new presets