BIAS FX 2 not getting guitar signal

  • I have a Steinberg UR22MKII interface connected to a mac running OS 10.14 Mojave running the latest driver for the UR22MKII, as well as the latest version of Yamaha USB.

    For the sake of this thread, I have my guitar connected to line 2, with Hi-Z activated which activates high impedance signals.

    Alright, normally, I have my interface setup so that I run all of my instruments through a mixing desk, and then into the patchbay and finally into the interface, monitors are connected to the mixer but none of this matters or (shouldn't). I will come back to this in a moment.

    In BIAS FX 2, in the audio settings I have the input & output device set as my interface, input as mono, output as stereo, I'm getting a test tone, so far so good.

    I can hear my guitar through my monitors if I crank the gain on the interface, it sounds really crisp and clear, but BIAS FX 2 is not picking up the signal whatsoever.

    Going back to what I said earlier, I have tried various routing possibilities (again, this shouldn't matter), tried running the guitar into the patchbay which feeds into input 2 which allows for high impedance. I tried running the guitar into one of the channels on the desk, which is what I'd like to do if I get it working so I can use all my other instruments.

    I have tried both the DAW version of BIAS FX 2 and the standalone version, nothing I do seems to work.

    Any ideas?

  • @khepera Did you give Bias "access to the microphone" under settings security microphone? you need to check there first to make sure it has access (even if not using a microphone) then report back - cheers