Audio in

  • So I’m having no luck getting audio in to my DAW. I’m using REASON. I see the spark driver as my audio card driver and can play tracks from the program thru the spark amp but cannot record tracks into the program.
    I’m using the latest beta hardware and iso 2.253, and 1.40

  • @adam-white What I do is I plug into the Spark with my guitar as usual and then with another cord I come out of the headphone jack into my audio interface (will need an adapter). The sound will come out of your monitor speakers instead of the Spark and you can record like that.

  • I also cannot connect Spark to my DAWs via USB. I've downloaded the new ASIO driver, but it is not recognized for recording, but I can play back thru it. I have tried to record from the Spark to several DAWs: Mixcraft 9, Sonor, Cakewalk, Audacity, and Digital Performer. I did hear a very faint signal when I tried to record to Presonus 1-3, but it's not useable. Any thoughts? Who has Spark working to record via USB to a DAW?