Tonecloud preset download not working anymore

  • Hi! On my iPad, iOS 13.3.1, I’m not able to download Tonecloud presets in bias fix anymore. I don’t understand where the problem is. The download button ist just not working anymore.

    Any suggestions or ideas? This is what happens:


    I would appreciate any help :)

  • @chris777 same problem here!

  • They disabled the free version with the new update so try creating a new tonecloud account

  • @ponystark said in Tonecloud preset download not working anymore:

    They disabled the free version with the new update so try creating a new tonecloud account

    I’m not using a free version I paid the app to have access to all the effects and amps... I thought the Tonecloud account is linked to the app and to my App Store account isn’t it?

    Thanks for answering!

  • @ponystark creating a new tonecloud account does not work!

  • I'm really annoyed by this, I bought an ultimate license for a lot of money and suddenly my favorite feature does not work anymore :/ maybe it's the best alternative to switch back to my analogue effects

  • Same issue here.
    Also I uploaded a pedal board from desktop version and a separate one from iPad version.
    The iPad pedal board only shows up on my mobile apps (another iPad and another iPhone).
    The Desktop pedal board only shows up on my Desktop Bias FX 2.

    YES, I made sure that I am logged in on the same account on all devices.

    I was able to re-download the iPad pedal to my other iPad, but NOT to my iPhone (iPhone download appears broken as indicated in original post).

    It appears that Tonecloud is segregating saves into iPad versions and Desktop versions and not letting you mix the 2 anymore even though that was one of the features that we paid for!

  • Additional information for developers in case they monitor.

    The iPad where the download button worked correctly had:
    Bias FX version

    The iPad and iPhone where the download button does NOT work correctly had:
    Bias FX version

    I updated the iPad that worked to the current and now the download button no longer works.

    So in summary for Tonecloud downloads: WORKS DOES NOT WORK.

    Hope that helps.

  • What a HORRIBLE update. Here are the issues I encountered:

    1. Crashed the app, causing me to delete and re-install which cost me about 200 presets.

    2. Can't download tonecloud presets

    3. All features unlocked by the 'Bias FX free for 90 days' promo now locked

    4. Can't select amps imported from Bias Amp 2. "Item corrupted. Try to re-import"

    Thanks a lot, Positive Grid! By the way, your customer service really sucks. Tried to contact you weeks ago through email and The Gear Page (Joe Kuo) with zero response. And would it kill you to update the forum? Don't especially like having to sign in all the time and the black background makes it hard to read. Please fix this

  • Same here what a joke. What is awkward to me is that very few people have reported this issue.

  • @lucasmarchioripereira I'm guessing it's because not everybody has updated to the new version. I was going to and then saw the post from @Chris777 (thanks) so thought I would wait. I'm also waiting to see if they solve the issues in the Desktop Bias FX2 beta version. Hopefully everyone here who has updated and has problems will put in a support ticket (and not just post on this forum). I know that 'Mike' moderator and support from PG puts stuff up occasionally and reads some of the posts, but don't know if he's on his own and may not be looking at this post.

  • @lucasmarchioripereira @scaryguitartricks-0 @tuck60 yes I put in a ticket and a very nice person answered immediately and promised to put the engineers on it. So let’s wait and see. Maybe everyone else should ticket this bug ;)

  • @chris777 It happens to me exactly the same thing as you. I always work well, now I don't know why I don't download the presets

  • hopefully they can solved it ASAP... i thought its only me having this problem since i dont see any report from this.

  • @chris777 Ive put in 2 tickets with no response and no response from Joe Kuo on The Gear Page

  • The same problem. I bought ultimate version and download button no longer works. I’ve put in 2 tickets yesterday with no response too.

  • Same problem here. I bought ultimate licence but I cannot download preset lol.
    But I could try preview and play with those presets.
    Hope this would be solved before weekends.

  • I have the same problem. Also write to support with no answer. Hoping they are on it :(

  • I have the same issue. Just waiting without any feedback from Positive grid

  • 1.9.9 a new update version of BIAS FX to fix this problem