Problem with BIAS FX 2 LE: no output

  • Hi, could you help me with solving problem with using BIAS FX 2 LE? I use iRIG Pro Duo as an interface. After connecting it to laptop and run Bias, I hear no output via iRIG nor computer. Everything is connected ok (listening on headphones) and when I turn "direct monitoring" on iRIG, I can hear DI guitar via phones.
    I use ASIO.
    Settings in BIAS FX are:
    Would appreciate any help or tip. Thanks.

  • try output stereo or output Output 1 (instead of Output 2)?

    I don't use windows anymore but who knows, good luck

  • @tafkad Hi, thanks for reply. Unfortunately, this is not the case, problem still exists. But I guess it must be also sth going on with input since, even if I turn off the interface, the Input Check indicator takes some level. It seems that it is set for laptop microphone, not iRig. But I cannot see any applicable options in Input Device or Input Channel.

  • @yggorus okay - you need to open the ASIO4ALL control panel and make the settings for input device there - then open Bias and instead of the built in mic it will use what you set it to

  • @tafkad Hi, thanks. I did it that way and yes, now I have input set correctly - the signal is cleary my guitar. But still no output though. Does not matter if I set it as output 1 or 2 in Bias. No signal and no graphic indicator flashing on bottom of Bias window.

  • @yggorus there is a mute button on the Bias FX window in the lower right hand corner by the output meter - this gets auto enabled to protect your speakers when you make soundcard settings changes - make sure it is not enabled to mute

  • @tafkad Unfortunately it is not the reason. When I press "test" button in audio settings I can hear beep in headphones. But no processed guitar. Here is pic of my settings in ASIO and BIAS:


  • @yggorus you're almost there - i see the mute button on the Bias FX window and it looks like it is as should be "not muted" as long as you have ASIO set up to use the same device (iRig in this case) for input and output and have the headphones plugged into the iRig all should be okay - but I see your input meter signal on the Bias FX as good and no output as you describe lighting up the output meters (usually it is just that mute button is muting output) try changing the output in the Bias FX settings to stereo instead of mono is the only thing comes to mind. Hang in there someone with your setup and into asio will help you at some point if you still have troubles - cheers