Bias Head low output volume - WAY too quiet!

  • I noticed someone else had a problem similar to this but it didn’t seem to be resolved...

    I’m running my Bias Head balanced line out straight into my interface (M-Track Eight) and out to powered monitors. I can only barely hear the Bias Head if I max out the output knob as well as the preamp/power amp “tubes” which severely impacts the tone of each preset.

    I did a factory reset, made sure the firmware was up to date, it I still can’t get this thing to play at a suitable volume in my DAW. Any ideas??

  • I spent a few hours trying to trouble shoot this, exploring the forums for solutions, and trying all the different outputs (balanced, unbalanced, and even headphones). But every single output from this Bias Head is extremely low (around -25dBu)

    Apparently this is a common problem. I’ve seen a few other people on the forum post that they have the same issue and the only response they get is someone from Positive Grid asking them to open up a support ticket. I’ve opened up a support ticket, but there has been no response. I’m about 5 minutes from sending this amp back. I had high hopes for it, but if it can’t even be played at a decent volume then it’s pretty much worthless.

  • UPDATE: This amp was driving me crazy so I just had to return it. I didn’t get any help from the forum and customer support just asked me to try everything I had already tried. Clearly my problem wasn’t some kind of bug or defect, it was just a design flaw. I really wanted to like this amp... oh well.