Trouble with Win10, iRig HD2, ASIO4ALL, and Bias FX2

  • Hey gang - hoping for some help here. I've been googling around and searching all over for answers but I cannot find one for my situation. I'm certain I'm not the first person with this problem.

    Scenario: I just bought the Bias Amp 2 & FX 2 bundle today for PC. I also have all the Bias software for iOS on my iPad Pro. Things work on the iPad Pro just fine. However, I hooked things up on PC and installed ASIO4ALL drivers. When I run Bias FX 2 or Bias Amp 2 and select ASIO, I cannot find my iRig HD 2 at all. I see ASIO4ALL v2 options as input/output, but that only yields intense high pitched feedback. If I select DirectSound, I do see the iRig HD 2 input/output, but of course, the latency is ridiculous. I'm not sure what to do to get this to work well...

    I'm running Win10 PC with 48GB ram and all SSD hardware. Dolby Atmos compatible sound card, etc. It's a nice rig and can handle just about anything. iRig HD 2 with latest firmware.

    The issue seems to be with Bias FX 2 and ASIO4ALL though - I can reproduce the issue without iRig HD 2 connected at all...

    I've run Amplitube with iRig HD 2 with ASIO4ALL on Win10 without issue in the past. Any and all help is very much appreciated.

  • @kewlpack i have exactly the same issue, did you managed to fix it ?

  • I run the same setup... iRig HD2 with ipad and PC with FX2 Pro. In FX2 settings, my audio setting is set to ASIO...and then ASIO4ALL in the device. Then go to the ASIO4ALL option in the windows taskbar... open ASIO4ALL and make sure the only device highlighted and on is the iRig HD2. Here you can change the buffer size. I assume you are using the PC USB cable. Other than that there are no other settings... should work a treat... good luck!

  • @redspecial62 are you sure ASIO4ALL is the right driver? Just asking...

  • For iRig HD2.. YES... ASIO4ALL is the recommended driver by IK. It's a shame IK didn't develop it's own driver for the HD2, but ASIO4ALL works fine for me... and low latency

  • @redspecial62 thanks it works beautiful now for me ;-) i had to spent quite some time playing with the params but all in all it does the job now !

  • @andre-dourson great to hear that! enjoy!

  • hello, I deleted my post on this forum, because I have the same problem with my irig 2 hd, how did you make it work with your irig 2 hd? because with me it sizzles