1000 a day

  • Simple math. Let's see 1000amps x 15days that's 15000amps. Ok so you guys are going to fill these long awaited customers orders. In a very short period of time . This sounds too good to be true. Here's hoping.

  • There really is no reason to accept any of their statements at face value.

  • @richardgriffiths I ordered mine just a few days ago. Does this mean I'll get it sometime in 2021?

  • @macgringo Enjoy -

    my experience with Spark pre-order and customer service.

    11/28/2019 - 6000 pre-orders announced.
    12/13/2019 - 10,000 pre-orders announced
    12/19/2019 - Super early bird and early bird units are just about the leave the factory.
    12/22/2019 - 4 week delay for 1050 early bird and super early bird. This communication blames demand. Demand should not have delayed the first 1050 pre orders if production was already in progress and these were planned production.
    1/10/2020 - "a few week delay" for power supporters with high demand blamed. This makes some sense, because the later pre-order volume could conceivably cause this delay. Something still doesn't sit and the delay is more likely due to technical issues, namely systems integration.
    1/31/2020 - 43 days after super early bird and early bird orders were soon to leave the factory, they leave the factory. There is an honesty issue here. A six week delay blamed on demand. However these are the first pre-orders and should not have been impacted since they are part of planned production and caps were placed on the categories.
    2/12/2020 - Over 20,000 pre orders gets us to the tail end of the players special group. Super early bird and early bird shipments still haven't started. Demand was blamed for that delay. Undoudtedly there was some technical issue that halted shipments but wasn't announced to customers, for what reason we're left to guess. End of February is the new promised date for power supporters.
    2/21/2020 - End of March is the new promised date for players special pre-orders.
    3/3/2020 - Super early bird and early bird orders have finally all shipped. That puts production at about 1,050 units to match those groups of pre-orders. End of February came and went and that promise went out the door for power supporters. When the update to end of February was made for power supporters, there is no way Positive Grid believed they would produce 9,000 units for manufacture and shipment by end of February. This was another example of fairly brazen dishonesty from PG.
    3/11/2020 - Players special delayed to April and May. This was likely known when earlier updates were provided but PG couldn't bring themselves to be honest with the customer for fear of losing pre-orders, I suppose. However, it is now 3/31/20 as I write this and most of the power supporters are still waiting for their order. There is very little chance that players special will be delivered by end of May. Combined with power supporters this represents over 20,000 additional units and PG has only managed to deliver 1,050 according to their own updates (believe what you will). Some of the reasons are outside of PG control but this fiasco was entirely avoidable with some transparency.
    3/26/2020 - 1000 units per day of production announced. Given that 1,050 units were supposedly delivered, that leaves just over 37,000 pre-order units of production remaining, less any completed before and delivered but that appears to be stunningly few. Assuming five days per week of manufacturing combined with PG's announced daily volume that leaves approximately 7.5 weeks required to fulfill the pre-orders, ~May 19. Allowing two weeks of shipping at the end the final pre-orders should deliver by the first week of June. However, nothing in my previous dealings with PG leads me to accept that this is the likely scenario. Hang on for the next excuse and ill-defined delay.

  • too bad news...
    I can't help but agree.

  • This forum is for each to help one another in technical issues and ideas for developing not complaining and slandering Positive Grid. If you decide you no longer want to participate in this endeavor, please get your refund and quietly leave and move on to something else.

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    Anything pretty well covers anything.

    If you see a post you don't like you can just skip over it. True story. If you see a user don't like, you can block that user. Coincidentally, I'll be exercising that feature at some point, I am certain.

  • I saw another thread with someone complaining about shipping issues not being suitable for this forum. I totally disagree. I was going to get this as a Birthday Present to me - since there are no concerts in April. After reading these posts I'm not so sure. Thanks for the inadvertent assistance.

  • @goldtop57 nice breakdown.

  • @goldtop57 I didnt see you mention that after all those REGULAR orders, they're selling what? 12000 last chance players specials on TOP of the ones they've already sold (which I bought into early in January) now mine AND the last chances are supposed to ship end of april/may? I dont think there's any chance that these things are "SPECIAL ORDERS," all marketing. By christmas they'll be regular market everywhere for 224 plus tax and cheaper on black friday!

  • @goldtop57 PS. to slander is to make a FALSE accusation, goldtop57 breakdown looks pretty honest to me.

  • @kc801 totally agreed!

  • @macgringo I ordered mine in the first week of April (2020) and I find the "1000 a day" statement to be dubious. However, I need to temper that with the effects of the pandemic on production, distribution and shipping - and if that is indeed the issue (more than likely) then I wish PG would just come out and say that. Just say production/distribution has/had been halted because of the effects of COVID19. I think ignoring it will turn more customers away in frustration without knowing. Frankly, I would probably cancel my order if I knew that PG was still running full speed knowing the effects of the pandemic.

    Fender had been taking pre-orders for the Broadcaster reissue and now is not making or shipping anything, Warmoth has halted production, etc. I think we're going to need to be patient and ride this out, giving them the time they need to sort this and consider the health and safety of their employees.

    My two cents/