Popping sounds on Bias FX iOS

  • Looking for help, I’m using bias fx on iPhone XS using a les paul into a irig hd2, whenever I use certain effects I’m getting a popping sound.
    This seems to happen mostly on modulation effects, especially ambient reverb and polyoctaver.
    My input and output levels are all fine and my cpu is never above 20%, anyone any ideas? I’m getting no help on this from support and I’ve purchased the full license

  • I seem to remember reading something where popping sounds can be related to the buffer size in the audio setup. I don't know jack about iPhones but maybe that's something to look at.

  • @paulmackay1979 Hi, I have been running Bias FX on my iPhone SE for a while with an iRig HD2. I've not noticed popping, but maybe I've just not used any of the patches. If you have a patch that you find pops can you save it to ToneCloud and ping me a message. I'll happily try it with my set up and let you know if I have the same trouble. If you can record the popping in anyway that might help too.