help! how to use midi on bias fx 1 while recording on reaper?

  • can someone please help me to control my pedals while i record with reaper? i can use midi with biasfx standalone, but it doesnt respond when i try to use my xtone pro midi footswitch whie im recording using reaper.
    i cant find any info on internet.

  • search this forum the answer is here - I'm pretty sure I posted a clear set up to do this since i use a midi foot controller, you just need to look a little harder : )

  • Well I ditched REAPER about 5 years ago, but I think the method I use with Studio One is the same for most, this is how I do it for other Amp Sims (no longer use BIAS)

    You will need 2 tracks, 1 normal audio track and 1 instrument track, insert BFX as normal on your audio track, on the instrument track set the instrument input to your controller and the instrument output to the instance of BFX you want to control (If you have BFX on more than 1 track it should show all those tracks as output options, so you need to select the correct one,) On the Instrument track make sure you enable the Monitor/input echo/input monitoring or whatever REAPER calls it, can't remember.

    You also have to have MIDI setup in BFX, but if you have it working in stand alone you got it covered.

  • Here is how I do it in reaper 6. (well, any reaper version :-)

    Track 1: Guitar in (In 1) with BFX 1 as an FX.
    Track 2: MIDI controller in, channel 1.

    Now, route the midi from track 2 to track 1 (I do not send audio, only MIDI... this may be a minor point though)

    Press record on the controller track and step on your controller, ideally you should see the midi input indicator on both Track 2 AND Track 1 light up. As @dawseeker mentioned, you may need to play with monitor function in the mixer. Once you have it all set up, save both as a track template, this way you never have to figure it out again ;-)