Issues with no input/output using BIAS Effects 2 Standalone

  • Hey all,

    I’m sure those has been covered somewhere however I didn’t find an exact scenario match.

    I’m having issues with no input/output signals showing in the bias effects 2 standalone app using Mac Catalina. Audio settings using my Focusrite 2i2 are set accurately ok although I have alternated settings between inputs and outputs to see if that fixed the issue.

    I have also removed the settings file from the PG folder with no luck.

    Has anyone experienced this issue and identified a fix?

    I appreciate any guidance.



  • J, The first thing is to try and isolate the issue... What's your full set up?

    Guitar cable into Focusrite Input ? (with as much gain without clipping) > Focusrite USB into computer > ????

    • At this point, does your computer's volume automatically turn to 100% ? Same thing if your computer shows a seperate "BIAS FX" volume control.
      Do you plug headphones or monitors directly into your Focusrite?

    If this is all working as mentioned, then the issue should be in the BIAS FX settings....

    1. Check that you are logged into your account (Mine didn't give any sound until I logged in.)
    2. "Audio Settings" should show...
      " Output Device = Focusrite , Output = Stereo , Output Channel = Output 1-2 "
      " Input Device = Focusrite . Input = Mono , Input Channel = which ever Focusrite Input you're plugged into "

    You should now see the Input and Output levels light up on the BIAS FX screen..
    Make sure that you are actually click onto a preset. (My BIAS FX screen defaulted to the Output Volume on mute.)

    I use a Focusrite 18i8 and had a couple hiccups at first also. I found them to be on the BIAS FX 2.

  • @jmarkbailey9 first look at your "security settings" and make sure the app is enabled to use the microphone (even if not using a microphone)
    alt text
    this is if you have no signal - but if you have sound but see no meter movement on the app - it is an old bug that happens after browsing tonecloud and returning to the main screen

  • @tafkad thank you! It was the microphone security settings that fixed the issue! Much appreciated.