How to Backup BIAS FX presets on windows 10

  • how do you back up the bias fx presets in windows 10 , in case of pc crash or stuff like that , i have been tweeking about with bias for a while now and have some good presets , and i would not like to lose them
    cheers for your time !!

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    You could upload them in tonecloud

  • ToneCloud is the best safety but you should also be able to save your presets by saving what is in your documents folder.

    There should something like c:/yourusername/documents/Bias_FX/.../Global Presets/ (tons of unique folders being your presets)
    You will know the name of any presets by looking at the meta.json file (using notepad or anything than can read json format).

    If you wanna be on the safe side, just save the entire Bias_FX folder.

  • nice one mate . that was it , my user presets were in numbered folders in the bias fx folder in documents , i'll just copy the whole folder over to my back up drive , then that will sort all that out
    i am going to upload a few presets to the cloud , i am working on a soul preset at the moment a kind of steve cropper vintage strat sound . so if you want to download it and have a shot or add to it or adjust it then please do
    cheers !!!