Bias Amp Mini Guitar Signal Path for Effects Loop

  • Does anyone know or have a diagram of where the effects loop appears in the signal chain?
    Also, where do the noise limiter and reverb appear in this chain?
    I'm using the amp in a 4cm configuration with a Boss GT-1000.

  • @positive
    An effects loop on an amp is in between the pre-amp and the power amp stages.

    Most use a noise gate up front. Can use right after the pre-amp (if you're using excessive gain).
    A reverb sounds best as the last effect in the chain.

    What do you mean by "4cm configuration" ?

    There's many ways of setting up the signal chain between these two devices. You may will lose some of the features though.

  • Thanks Crazypc for your reply.
    4cm stands for 4 cable method.
    That means that the guitar goes into the GT-1000 then from a send channel into the BIAS Mini.
    I take the send from the amp to the return of the GT-1000.
    I can use the line out from the GT-1000 or feed the output into the return of the amp.

    It seems to me that all of the BIAS amp simulation occurs before the effects loop and that the return only hits the solid state power amp.
    I would hope that the effects loop occurred between the the pre and power simulation as you suggested but it doesn't seem to be the case.

    I don't have a speaker cab at the moment so I can't tell if the reverb is before or after the effects loop.
    Although I suspect it's before.