Headphones ordered with amp?

  • Quick question, has anyone who ordered the spark + hd9 phones actually received the headphones yet?
    I got my Spark on Feb 10th (over 6 weeks ago, super early bird) and have been waiting for the phones ever since. I've now been told twice they'd be with me within a week (last time was on the 16th). Still no show or notification.

  • Same here. Received my amp on maybe the 6th of February but haven't yet received the Headphones. When I enquired about the headphones PG said that it could take as long as April for the to arrive.

  • Same here with the bag , I have the amp since February too .

  • I have my Headphones …. Mine came same time as Spark Amp … Live in Ontario, Canada ….. Email prior said they would not ship together and that headphones would be shipped week after the Amp