Headphones ordered with amp?

  • Quick question, has anyone who ordered the spark + hd9 phones actually received the headphones yet?
    I got my Spark on Feb 10th (over 6 weeks ago, super early bird) and have been waiting for the phones ever since. I've now been told twice they'd be with me within a week (last time was on the 16th). Still no show or notification.

  • Same here. Received my amp on maybe the 6th of February but haven't yet received the Headphones. When I enquired about the headphones PG said that it could take as long as April for the to arrive.

  • Same here with the bag , I have the amp since February too .

  • I have my Headphones …. Mine came same time as Spark Amp … Live in Ontario, Canada ….. Email prior said they would not ship together and that headphones would be shipped week after the Amp

  • After waiting six months for my headphones to turn up, last Friday I bailed and asked for a refund on that part of the bundle. PG were very good and the money was back in my account by Sunday.
    One of the issues I had was that all the local suppliers have had the hd9's in stock for the whole 6 months on immediate delivery. As soon as the refund hit my account I ordered the headphones from Gear4Music and 48 hrs later (this morning) they were delivered. Paid £12 more than the bundle price inc delivery.
    Now I have what originally ordered back in October 2019 and I have to say I'm really happy with it all. The Spark amp/app combo has exceeded expectations. I know it's not easy waiting but I'd say hang in there, you'll be glad you did when it arrives.

    It will be nice when we get more options for Smart jam. "Dave" is okay but I'd like a few more options.

    Also, when creating new tones (or adding from the cloud), it would be super useful to be able to reorder them so the ones that are used together can sit next to each other in the list.

    Apart from that it's fun learning to use this kit while I'm in lockdown! Stay safe everyone.