Player's Special: please let us know if you receive info from PG.

  • Like the Power Supporters thread, Players Special orderers, please post when you receive info from PG.
    I ordered on 1-23-2020, The last time I heard from PG, 3-10-2020, they were going to ship our units (11,800 sold including the covers and headphone order) in April and May. Reports say China manufacturers are beginning to return to work. Would have been nice to have this Spark to fiddle with while I have to stay home.

  • I ordered Jan 18th, I just hope by the end of May. I knew it was pre order and have another amp so I don’t mind the wait.

  • So today I finally received another note from PG. I suspect you all got it as well. But if not, try here . Pretty encouraging message.

  • @eldredjames nice! Can’t wait to try the SLO 100.

  • Rough estimates. All Early/"Super Early" Bird orders are shipped per 3 Mar update. And some thousands of Power Supporter orders are shipped. Assuming that means ~3000 orders, shipped, as of today that leaves about 6000 Power Supporter + 11,800 Player Special + 14,700 Last Chance special orders. Total 32,500 units.

    Per 26 Mar update, at 1000 units/workday that's ~33 days of production (or ~7 weeks). Add a week for shipping the last lot, which means if you ordered a Last Chance today and you were in that last lot, you would get it after two months (assuming "not a worst-case scenario" ). Which seems to line-up with the 11 Mar statement that Last Chance specials would be shipped by May. It's just that it might mean mid/end of May.

    What do you think?

  • I placed my order (#109562) on Dec.5th which, according to the order confirmation, put me in the Players Special group. However, when I contacted Support regarding the free BiasFX2 promo (I never rec'd any emails about it)...they replied with the unlock code, but in the header of the email I noticed I was now designated with the Power Supporters group. Same order number though.

    Although I haven't inquired about this switcheroo, I have not received any shipping notifications as of yet.

  • @bluesman55 wait... what free Bias FX2 promo?

  • @arjunramakrishnan83 said in Player's Special: please let us know if you receive info from PG.:

    @bluesman55 wait... what free Bias FX2 promo?

    In the "POWER SUPPORTERS please notify when you get shipping email" thread I saw it mentioned. Had to email Support to get the offer but apparently it was offered because so many people were pissed about the Spark delays. At least that's what I got from all this. Shoot Support a message and see if it's still good.

  • An email I received a few days ago >>> Dear Spark Pre-order Purchasers:

    We hope this message finds you well. Today we'd like to update you with some positive news. We have identified new, safe and efficient resources to increase our component and assembly output, enabling us to get your Spark to you as soon as possible. Our Spark production is now running at full capacity, and we are steadily manufacturing 1000 units per day.

    Right now we have thousands of Spark amps in transit for distribution throughout March and April. We will send you an email when your Spark ships to you so that you can track its progress.

    We have already fulfilled all Early Bird and thousands of Power Supporter orders and want to assure you that even though these unprecedented times, we will be shipping Sparks non-stop over the coming weeks.

    If you want to keep up with the shipping alerts we’ve been sharing, check the updates tab at

    We hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe. Thank you for your continued patience and support — we look forward to hearing the music you make with Spark.


    The Spark Team

  • Got this email after I asked a couple questions...

    Thanks for taking the time to write us and sorry for the long wait.

    Currently we're still shipping and are catching up with Spark production. For your specific order, it's schedule for shipment later in May. Please note that all orders are shipped on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on the order date.

    You will receive tracking information via email once your order has been shipped.

    You can also track your order here:

    Thanks again.