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    Full Version of BIAS FX Mobile Amps & Effects App Available Now for Free (90 Days)

    Musicians at home and anyone who wants to create using BIAS FX can download and try all of the expansion packs, amps, effects, and features at no charge for 90 days.

    Positive Grid (www.positivegrid.com), creator of the acclaimed BIAS FX 2 desktop software, invites guitar and bass players to create with their BIAS FX Mobile applications with a 90-day FREE full download. Users can download the app for the next 14 days, from March 23 to April 7, 2020, and utilize every feature offered in the BIAS FX - Guitar Amp & Effects app at no charge.

    Simply download the app and sign up for a ToneCloud account to unlock all the features and expansion packs that BIAS FX has to offer. (If you already have a ToneCloud account, you still have to register a new account for this event)

    “It can be difficult for many musicians to remain creative and positive right now,” shares Robert McCullar, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing for Positive Grid. “"We want to create an opportunity for them to keep playing and stay connected to music.”

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