Banks in preset save window disappear - no banks in drop down to save into?

  • Having a strange issue with trying to choose a bank to save presets for my new presets in Bias FX 2 Elite (Windows 10 & FX2 x64). The drop down menu for choosing banks kept getting shorter and shorter for selecting the banks to save the presets....the banks in the drop down menu just keep disappearing.

    In fact, right now my preset bank drop down list is completely EMPTY. I cannot save any presets because nothing is there to choose to save it into. I just made a new preset bank (since all my others disappeared) and then I got about six saves into it and now it DISAPPEARED as well - so I have a preset loaded and cannot even save it because Bias FX 2 says there are no preset banks to save it into (which is ridiculous as I can access all the banks and presets in the main window and everywhere EXCEPT in the save window drop down menu).

    [Edited for typos and clarity]

  • @leegbethel Yes i m having exactly the same problem. This was also before with downloading "unknown error" but logging out and logging in again seems to work but in this case nothing. I restarted my PC, re-install BIAS FX 2, log out and log in several times but nothing.