[Tutorial] Use any expression pedal with Bias FX (+autoengage feature)

  • Hi,
    there's useful tutorial how to make converter for expression pedal jack to USB using arduino:

    You can ignore the part with 3PDT switch - you don't need It in this case because you can use autoengage on certain treshold.

    You can make this cheaper using aliexpress parts. In my case I have used Arduino leonardo clone (link below) - the process is similar as mentioned in the tutorial with one difference -- 5V/3.3V is marked as "VCC" on the clone.

    Here are the parts I have used:

    • Expression pedal - e.g. M-Audio EX-P https://bit.ly/2UomEo5 ~15€
    • Arduino leonardo (ATmega32U4 - especially this chip which is needed to make midi through usb possible) - e.g. https://bit.ly/2WxsKFl ~3€
    • 6.35mm 1/4" Stereo female jack e.g. https://bit.ly/2U9mAtm ~3€
    • Micro USB B cable
    • Plastic casing - you can search aliexpress for "DIY case"

    (no affiliate links)

    I have improved the code and added auto engage feature (sends CC midi message when pedal is below certain value for specific time and in opposite when pedal is above the defined treshold, to configure values just change #define values): https://bit.ly/2U6R4fE