How do I record my Bias FX 2 Standard in a DAW?

  • I can get the plug-in added to Reaper but when it opens the Bias interface the Midi settings option is blanked out with a padlock to upgrade to professional.

    Can Bias FX 2 Standard be used to record in a DAW at all, and if so, which one and how?

  • @mcgillivray-kevin I believe it can used for recording audio - just does not have midi control in standard

    do you need to control it with midi live, like with a foot pedal? if so you will have to upgrade to unlock midi (stupid I know but they chose the tiers)

  • Thanks for the response. Finally got some things sorted (audio interface and pc sound control) and can now record guitar sounds in Reaper using the BiasFX2.dll. Now just have to figure out optimising the lag and stuttering. :(

  • @mcgillivray-kevin you must be using windows...

  • @tafkad Aye, Windows 10. CPU load was causing the lag and stuttering, got that under control. Slowly getting the hang of things in both Reaper and Bias FX2.

    As a total newbie to this sort of thing, the learning curve is very steep.

  • @mcgillivray-kevin right on sounds like you got it - have fun!