BT-4 in Production Again? Improvements?

  • According to Zzounds, the BT-4 will once again be available for purchase in less than 2 weeks. I see nothing on the PG site about this so that seems highly suspect. The BT-4 is my most used and favorite pedal by far, so if the line is now being continued, that would be big news for me.

    Does anyone have any information about The possible comeback of the production/support of the BT-4? If so, I would love to know if there are any changes or improvements being rolled out. I’m sure there are varying uses and opinions but I think it would be great to see:

    1. Soft-click switches would be a huge improvement
    2. A stronger, more consistent Bluetooth signal as expression pedal movements are fluttered/delayed and range is poor

    For practicing, I usually use my iPhone/iRig, first two BT-4 switches control JamUp Pro presets/banks, second two switches turn double pages of sheet music in forScore, which is screen mirrored to a TV via Apple TV, and a Boss EV-30 expression pedal is connected for volume/wah/pitch.

  • @mark_harrison333 Dear Mark. I am also wondering about this one... I like the regular click switches, but each to their own of course. Nevertheless, I still hope for better Bluetooth MIDI integration of BT-2 / BT-4 switches with desktop systems as BIAS AMP 2 etc...