Demo/and upgrade at later time

  • Hi I’d like to try before I buy which download demo should I try or I can get the most out of it before I decide to buy?

    And when I do buy do I just upgrade from the demo ?
    and can I upgrade later to another version higher version I like to get to the elite but I don’t have the money so I want to go in stages?

  • If you buy now the pro combo pack for both is 249 dollars ..but if you buy them separately you can pick them up for 168 dollars ...cant work out their pricing's but you can save a bit of cash ..

  • @thomasid58 Thanks Tomas,
    I think I only have a enough for only one and amp 2 at standard is at this time afford
    And then pay the difference for the pro version amp 2
    How long is the demo for?

  • @bcraig_69music
    not sure of time limit for demo..never tried it cause i was pretty impressed so i just went and bought it ..i think that it may have limited functions...but you will enjoy it im sure ,

  • @thomasid58
    Thanks Tomas,
    And I probably wait until Black Friday but I will get the standard
    Thanks again Your Help God Bless