Running Stereo out on BiasFX (iphone)

  • Hey, I'm new to BiasFX! Liking it a lot so far. I'm using the iRigHD2 for an interface / iPhone 10x. Is anyone running it stereo out (to a stereo PA or mixer?) Could I set up 2 different amps for example one acoustic and one electric amp panned hard left and right and get 2 completely different amp sims? or clean one side crunch on the other? This could open up a lot of cool ideas! Thoughts/opinions??

  • @jamestsquid Yes, I've done it, it works pretty well and it's fun. I have an iPad and an iRigHD2, but I haven't used the iRigHD2 for stereo output to two amps, instead I've used a Focusrite iTrack Solo. Presonus makes something similar that would probably work well also. You could try the headphone output from the iRigHD2, sound quality might be an issue but you could at least try to see how you like running in stereo.
    I found that I also needed to put an isolating transformer in between the Focusrite and the amps to eliminate 60 cycle hum. I'm using a Radial Stage Bug SB-6, this works pretty well.
    So my signal path is, guitar plugged into the Focusrite, iPad plugged into the Focusrite, then left/right from the Focusrite to the Stage Bug SB-6, then left/right from the Stage Bug SB-6 to two amps.
    Being able to have different delays to each amp, and also stereo reverb and stereo chorus is fun.
    I'll admit I haven't taken it out of the house though, I don't want to haul two amps around!

  • @redroc-k Awesome!! I think I'll try the headphone out into a stereo channel on my little Yamaha Stagepas PA... trying do do as little gear as possible. will be wanting to do it in a live, one man show setting... I'm excited to get home and try it! haha could program it to be 2 completely different sounding guitars!!