Using Spark as an interface.......

  • Is it possible to use spark as a recording interface...Android version still has no volume on the input side.....or do I have to run something like Focusrite Scarlett?

  • @stiches4u I was not able to successfully run it as a "stand alone" interface to other amp sim software. The only thing I could record was using the built-in amps/effects. This is unlike the Yamaha THR series where I was able to use the THR similarly to a Focusrite. I hope it is just user error on my part and someone can tell us how to set it up.

  • I have found that is one of the best features of the THR series. The audio interface is excellent in that it provides 2 simultaneous stereo signals at once. One stereo signal is the Wet THR signal. The other is the Dry Stereo DI which can be used for whatever means in the computer. It is a warm and full low latency signal. So amp sims such as Bias FX sound very good. I have tried a $150 CAD audio interface that did not give VSTs the same quality tone.

  • @stiches4u Same problem here ... the volume is sooo low when you use Spark as a audio interface I think we have to wait until PG fix it on some update I hope

  • @johndagostino So, if one were to be going to use the Spark for recording mainly, you would suggest canceling and getting a THRII?

  • @mapmonkey I am not really a "recorder", but I do like to experiment with other amp sims. In which case, yes, the THR seems the better option. That being said, I think a Focusrite Scarlette is even better still.

  • Has anyone tried running the Spark USB Output through an Audio Interface, such as a Scarlett Focusrite, rather than running it directly into the DAW? I am not sure if this is technically feasible but it could help increasing the gain on the input...

  • I know it seems more feasible to connect the Spark Amp via USB to a computer and record via any software possible - but I thought that is what the pre-sonus software was for?

    Also could you just mic up the spark in tandem to USB to get more options on the sound? (of course you'd have to run that into your old recording interface if you had one)

    However I'm a little surprised that the pre-sonus software is no good for recording whats being played - or is this where the volume issue comes in?

    (I haven't received my spark amp yet so trying to get my head around the terminology and whats being done - or not - be gentle :) )