Multiple Tracks Cause Skips in Audio

  • Hi, everyone, I'm new to all of this and need to know why having more than one track with BIAS FX 2 causes my audio to skip. My CPU is running 70 - 80 with 2 BIAS FX tracks and a couple of standalone MIDI tracks (no effects). The audio skipping goes away when i delete one of the BIAS tracks. Mind you, both presets are single chain sounds. When i try and run dual chain it skips as well. I am running on the listed specs below with an ASIO driver.

    Asus VivoBook X540BA-RB94, AMD A9-9425 3.1GHz Processor with Radeon R5 Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, 15.6” HD Display, Windows 10

  • @arodriguez2671 said in Multiple Tracks Cause Skips in Audio:

    AMD A9-9425

    for starters you need to approach this as if you might be lacking in cpu power and ram - then it is all about settings in host app and soundcard driver (asio on windows)

    so what DAW/host are you using? and what soundcard

    you only have 8 gigs of ram to work with so you need to make sure to tune your machine for audio - read about your cpu too if you like and you will notice it is not a powerhouse

    good luck

  • Ableton Live 10 Intro and both AMD High Definition and Synaptics SmartAudio HD

    It sucks cause I just bought this thing and it was recommended for music production. Maybe they're some settings within the plug in that can lighten the load... I'll keep on trying. Thanks

  • @arodriguez2671 - I'm not even going to look up those "soundcards" - you are most likely just having settings issues with your asio driver for your hardware and software setup - do you have an outboard soundcard preferably usb? or are you trying to use the built in hardware for your laptop.. ? - windows needs a good asio driver if you want low latency multitrack audio

  • @tafkad No, but I'll be getting one soon. I'm using the soundcard in the laptop and also a little usb speaker.The ASIO i have is the one that is on, version 2.14.

    Sometimes, switching from the USB speaker to the laptop speakertakes away the glitching but it eventually comes back.

  • Cranking up the buffer to 1536 samples just took it away. Is that an alright number to be at?

  • @arodriguez2671 - you need to use the same soundcard for output in windows so try not using the usb speakers - buy a cheap soundcard there is so many around the $100 mark that will work well