I looking for a good guitar mobile interface for playing on ipad

  • I know there is a lot of mobile guitar interfaces which one is reliable and and made solid to they donot break?

    I looking for a good guitar mobile interface for playing on ipad and iphone with BIAS Amp 2 from Positive Grid
    Is still great mobile amp

  • I use the iRig Pro Duo since years and it works perfect to play and to record. If you don’t need two inputs, iRig Pro should work or even iRig HD2, if you don’t use MIDI.
    I know people that use the Presonus iTwo without problem, too.

  • Stay away from iRig. Cheaply constructed junk. Get an Apogee Jam 96k and you’re good to go.

  • @korkenknopfus - use a real soundcard, there is so many that are compliant with iOS via USB why restrict yourself by the notion you need "mobile" when there are so many good "compact" soundcards at very reasonable prices.

    Plenty of soundcard suggestions and setups here on the forums if you search

  • Thanks, Guy after checking out some of the choices I came across this one what the pro and cons of MeloAudio TS Mini ?

  • @ponystark about the Apogee Jam 96k will I hear it in Stereo or mono through headphones?

    Also Note: I have older iPad and iPhone
    iPad Air 2
    iPhone 6 Plus

    Will this still work or do I need different way of hooking this together

    Also I went Apogee Website and they seem to have
    Apogee Jam+

    Apogee Jam 96k for iPhone, iPad, and Mac (Factory Refurbished) 😲
    Confuse which one is the newest one?

    Sorry for so many questions in my 50’s and just want to play music

  • Well, I know Apogee has better quality than iRig and others, you are right with that. I must say though that I use mobile only to practice, study and mock-up recording (trying ideas). For final recording I use a PC with another bigger interface, Cubase and desktop versions of Bias software, among others. I have the Pro Duo since November 2015 and it is still like new. I think, if it breaks some day I will think in a replacement.

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