Are there any Canadians who now have their Spark and did you have to pay Duty? Please don’t reply if you haven’t received your Spark yet.

  • As per the title...anyone have tp pay Duty?

  • Apologies for not following your clearly stated request however I do have experience from ordering from Thommann in Germany. From time to time I have been fortunate that Canadian Customs and Duties has not charged Duty on my orders. So a great deal even becomes a better deal. It’s the same when crossing the border coming back to Canada and you are over the permitted exemption. Sometimes Duty is charged, sometime it isn’t. .....Are you feeling lucky??

  • I live in TGWN and my experience has been that if a foreign supplier ships by a commercial carrier (e.g. Fed Ex or UPS) then brokerage fees are charged to the recipient at the point of entry. If the carrier is a postal service (USPS for example) then the shipment is handled by Canada Post and they pick up the tab.

  • I'm Canadian (Kitchener, Ontario area )...I have received the spark amp extra duty's at arrival from Fed X …. Shipping covered by Positive Grid or at initial payment when order was placed....My order was made Oct 21st 2019 and received Feb 21st 2020

  • @donald-aseyler This is good to know. It makes me think that PG's offer of free worldwide shipping means that they are absorbing any duties normally incurred.

  • @donald-aseyler Thanks for the reply....very good to hear. Hope you really enjoy your Spark. I didn't order till almost Christmas but hey....looks like it's worth the wait!

    Cheers my fellow Canuck.......I'm in Ottawa!

  • So PG must collect Canadian HST at time of sale. Otherwise collection of the HST (Duty) is collected at the discretion by Canadian Customs. Some people will be charged, others won’t be.