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  • I can appreciate your point of view and agree with most of what you said. However the fact remains that this started long before the bug did.

  • @madbaddoberan
    I agree in part with what you said however, like Diego pointed out, this shipping nightmare started before the Corona Virus started. Also the virus does not excuse PG's lack of communication with their customers (you forgot to mention that in your all positive review) You also forgot to mention the fact that although PG has no idea when manufacturing and shipping will resume they are still advertising this product for sale using misleading shipping windows. You also forgot to mention they have received over 6 million USD in revenue while paying very little for manufacturing and shipping to date. So yea I bet their investors are more than a little happy. So needing to sell more sparks to make up for the cancellations in order to keep their investors happy is a bunch of BS and you know it. To close I will say you are a very loyal PG soldier and your post was all positive and a little more than slightly off grid

  • @madbaddoberan all you say is true, and I sympathise with PG, as I do with other companies who are suffering delays in supply, manufacturing and shipping due to covid-19 (I work for such a company). However, this is little consolation to the thousands of people who ordered in October, November, December last year when PG were saying they would ship in January, before anyone had heard of covid-19. In fact ,their website STILL shows estimated delivery for Power Supporters as January 2020! Their FAQ section was saying the same too, until I emailed them the other day and suggested they fix it (for which their support team thanked me, and had it fixed in minutes). The fact that they are still showing an estimate of March/April delivery for new pre-orders is setting an expectation that they won't be able to meet if the covid-19 is affecting them badly. This is the root of their problems I think - by not updating delivery estimates and not communicating clearly, they are setting expectations with their customers that they just can't meet; classic overpromise and underdeliver, which indicates a serious lack of basic business skills and knowledge. Setting and managing customer expectations is a fundamental process for any business - PG are not doing it well at all.

  • @madbaddoberan being optimistic and positive for me is far better than the opposite. I am glad I wrote the post, knowing that not all will share my Views. Thanks everyone for sharing your views and insight. I appreciate it. Know that I am not the enemy and am a fellow musician so please do not funnel negativity towards me. It is a waste of your time and energy. Use it more constructively. This is a learning experience for me as this was my first time ever putting up money up front for a pre-order. I am not happy about any of this. Two ways to move forward: 1. Trust and wait or 2. Don’t trust and Receive refund. Simple. It could be worse, they could be not refunding the money like others have done in the past to musicians with respect to pre-orders. Pre-Orders in general are somewhat sketchy because a buyer is putting up money in good faith for something that at the time of sale does not yet exist. If you were to ask a lawyers advice they would advise against it. Pre-orders with many companies have poor track records. I know that PG did pre-orders on the Bias Head and the mini Bias head and they were successful. This is why I trust them. They have delivered in the past. They have some experience here. I do not believe Positive Grid is knowingly trying to isolate and piss of its supporters. It ultimately is a reflection of its brand and consumer relations. If the brand or consumer relations are no good, there will be no investors. Positive Grid would most likely tank. Who wants that? What purpose does that serve? They have excellent ideas and produce unbelievably good products from my experience. I suggest to wait and see. Being optimistic and positive is Far better than being unhappy and negative. Look, if the Coronavirus gets worse and it looks like we will be quarantined in the USA, I will have to close my order and receive refund so I can afford to buy 30 days supply of food and water. I am not rich. I cannot afford to lose $224. That said, It’s just money. Put it in perspective. People are dying and are in distress all around us. Breathing is wonderful. I don’t take that for granted.

  • @madbaddoberan Totally agree with you, I could have spent the money paid to PG on drink and cigarettes by now, but as I do not smoke and drink very little that is not the case, so I am just going to sit back and wait. If it goes wrong it will not be the end of the world, if not then I will have something to show for it.

  • I think what this whole debacle (The Virus or just lack of parts and labor) clearly illustrates is that the worlds reliance on 1 major country for everything from 90% of the worlds antibiotic supplies to the bulk of its parts and labor manufacturing was a mistake. As the old saying goes "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Businesses around the world are now suffering because of that very decision. With that said, PG's troubles began before the virus outbreak in the PR dept and marketing of the Spark with their sales and communications. They themselves are a victim of deciding to produce the Spark in China, along with a LOT of customers. I cancelled my order not because of the virus outbreak, but because they lacked the proper communication in conveying the issues they were having delivering a product any where near their continually delayed timelines. The pre-order page still states a Mar/April delivery times for new orders and individuals who ordered the Spark back in Nov 2019 still haven't received them yet. Enough said.

  • Thanks for getting back. Your concern is well-understood.

    The estimated delivery will stay 'estimated' and not a specific date, at least for now, because everything has to do with the manufacturing speed and capacity of our OEM partner (we don't own the factory ourselves). There're a lot of back-and-forth communications as well as tight QC procedure to ensure we're not risking the quality by aiming to produce a set number of units.

    You may say we could have made better judgements beforehand and/or give out clearer updates on the process, and we totally agree, and will move forward with that knowledge.

    As for now, Spark units are on the production line and we're doing our best to ensure every single unit works just like we envisioned, and hopefully will live up to your expectations as well.

    Again, we apologize for the wait. If you have any concern or question about the order, please don't hesitate to reply this email and we're always here to help. I can also issue a refund for you if you just don't want to wait.

    Thanks again.
    Kind Regards,
    Positive Grid Support
    Holiday Savings

  • @sundropfusion im holding out. Ordered in Nov. Patiently waiting for the email stating its on its way. Hang in there! :)

  • Waiting it out as well. Got my Laney mini to hold me over. Not a bad little amp.

  • I’ve already got two THRs, and they’re great little amps, so I have plenty to hold me over until the Spark arrives. I hope the Spark, when it’s developed to its full potential, will wow me enough to sell at least one of the THRs. However, this is a work in progress, and what arrives on my doorstep will, I expect, get better over time.

  • @diegofiorillo-uk

    I realize it’s all estimated delivery and it probably won’t hit that date, but I did ask a couple days ago if the recent delays would push last chance orders (I ordered feb 14) into May-June.
    Got this in reply:
    Dear Last Chance Special customer,

    Thanks for writing to us,

    According to your order#, the estimate delivery would be in late March. - April 2020.

    You can also see the updates here

    You will receive an email notification with the tracking info once your order is shipped.

    Thank you


    Dans Huang
    Positive Grid Support

  • @sundropfusion
    Like I have said before, I don't have an issue with delays. Take your time and get it right.
    But Felix, I do have a problem with PG when they takes millions of dollars from thousands of customers and then cease all communications with their customers unless the customer contacts them demanding an update. PG could send a mass email updating the situation from time to time and everyone would be happy. But no ! Why would PG do this ? Simple. Pure arrogance. The customers are not entitled to updates. You can even see this culture of arrogance in your post Felix... "YOU MAY SAY WE COULD OF made better judgements beforehand and/or give out clearer updates" Seriously Felix ? Pure arrogance. At least Dans Huang statement was cut and dry. We will let you know. Wow when I saw what Felix said it brought everything into focus.

  • The one thing that also has a great impact here is Donald Trumps trade war on China! This has impacted greatly on the electronics supply chain and manufacturing coming out of China. This happened in December 2019 and January 2020 as a precursor to the Covid19 virus attacks. Then Coronavirus hit. Maybe Trump is also responsible here. The two together are a double whammy and Chinese companies, who for a long time were America’s Warehouse and Manufacturing centers, and are now destroyed. Believe that. I also feel bad for the millions of Chinese who are the brunt of Trumps fatal and open ended attack trade war. Write a letter to Trump. I guess he won’t care for what he considers Small Potatoes in his trade war. Many US Firms are moving their chains to Vietnam. I am not surE if PG LLC can do this. Don’t forget what Trump did to secure your Spark Amp. NOTHING! Get off your butt and write a letter to him.

  • Two things to consider: :a bad apple destroys the whole bunch.’ And as the ephemeral Frank Zappa Said in illustrative fashion, “Shut up and play yer’ guitar! Tell Trump your woes. This will pass and we all will get our amps. Period. The trade war started this debacle I am sure!

  • Yall gotta be joking about the trump thing, sure would had made sense if it was ONLY America effected but it wasnt. Get out of here with that nonsense, and get use to it. Cause' Trump still gonna be the president of this great nation in 2020. Keep America Great!

  • @jeebstheman I just do not see how that estimate is possible given I am a power supporter and got the same estimate from them.

  • @madbaddoberan said in In support of Positive Grid LLC:

    Two things to consider: :a bad apple destroys the whole bunch.’ And as the ephemeral Frank Zappa Said in illustrative fashion, “Shut up and play yer’ guitar! Tell Trump your woes. This will pass and we all will get our amps. Period. The trade war started this debacle I am sure!

    What does Trump have to do with Europe??? Same issue here.

  • The problem is not the Coronavirus. That’s an excuse. The problem is that with many start-ups, companies take pre-orders to finance the purchase of equipment and parts to make the end product. If they had thought about the number of products they wished to produce in Phase 1, they could have arranged financing to provide for enough parts to fulfill orders to be taken in Phase 1.Then after sales are made, they would have had enough capital to start Phase 2. A lot of successful companies do it that way. I hope PG makes it through this dilemma. Btw, I’m still waiting for my Spark too, many months later.

  • @mrblaise Positive Grid is not a startup company though, they are a well established company already. If anyone doesn't think that the Corona-Virus debacle in China isn't adding to Positive grids already known issues before it i was discovered to cause world wide parts shortages and shipping problems due to millions of Chinese be quarantined is just fooling themselves.