Hey. Keep those cancelations coming!

  • Get my amp that much faster. Come on now don't hate me. 😎

  • @frontcentermusician Unless you ordered sometime between Oct 30 and Nov 16 your wait is still going to be long. I ordered mine on Nov 16. On Sunday, Mar 1, I sent an email asking for either tracking numbers for my shipped amp or a refund by no later than Mar 6. They refunded my money, I hope, the next day, indicating to me that they knew they would be unable to meet the Mar 6 deadline. It will take the cancellations of at least a couple of thousand customers to "move" you up in line if you ordered past mid-Nov. I wanted the amp. I just don't have any faith they will be able to fill the orders they have this year at their current rate of (non)production.

  • @desertdrifter7 oh i hear you on that. Don't blame you really. Ordered mine 11/28/19. Personally i dont miss something i never had. Money was in the budget to wait. At the point now of getting that random email that it is on the way i guess.

  • Right there with you... Sounds like two hundred bucks breaks a lot of people, I'm fine waiting. It will arrive on a day I don't expect it and yay! :-)

  • @waltnls HA! Exactly.

  • I’ll have to give PG some slack on this Spark situation. I own every piece of software they’ve put out and can honestly say I have been extremely pleased with everything I’ve used. I ordered my Spark on January 10. I paid for it with money I had at the time so I wasn’t shorting my mortgage payment or going without food for a week. If the amp is as good as their software I have no problems waiting on it. My guess is PG didn’t do a very good job with pre-selling the product. They probably had very few built and they were going to NAMM and to YouTube music sites. They wound up selling more than they had and pre-sales was through the roof. It happens. I understand I should see mine at the end of March unless there’s another delay. This corona virus problem may push it to April. I’ll just sit another week or 5.

  • @bstabley yeah. This is my thing too. I mean, the delays are terrible, sure. Would I love to have a better idea of when my amp will arrive? Absolutely. Can I understand why these delays might be happening? For sure. I wish it weren't so, but it is what it is.

    I would love to have my amp here now, or sooner than later. But I can also wait. Still, everytime I get an email notification, I hope it's shipping confirmation. I'm going to wait it out and not cancel because it sure thing end result will be fantastic and I'd rather have a well made product than a rushed one.

  • they took the biggest bite more than they could chew. now, they can't keep up with the productions and not meeting their own target dates to ship out the amps. I ordered mine early February, i guess i'll get my amp summer 2020. i got patience to wait on my order. i have already paid my credit card and waited this long to cancel the order.

  • @frontcentermusician I did cancel my Power Supporter order a few days ago. To Positive Grid's credit, they cancelled almost immediately and the refund appeared on my credit card yesterday. That was much quicker than I'd expected given slow response to other support requests. I could not afford to wait longer as I'm setting up a practice space that's not just for me - there are others waiting to use it. I also had major problems with the Android app on multiple devices that put me off (I'm not an Apple user). I bought a secondhand Amplifi TT with a FBV3 pedalboard which are meeting my needs perfectly, and cost me a lot less than I had paid for Spark, so I'm happy. I still may go for Spark in the future when it's available, but won't be pre-ordering from Positive Grid again. I hope everyone who decides not to cancel gets their amp soon and is happy with it.

  • @captainfruitbat

    Thanks for mentioning the Line 6 Amplfii TT. Never saw this before but it looks really good. I think im going to cancel my order an pickup a used TT for about $100.

  • I mentioned in another post this delay as an anticlimax to the excitement that this amp produced. Technology and market opportunity is a fast moving train. By the time I get mine I am sure I could buy better and cheaper. I just needed to vent after getting the email asking me to wait another 2 or 3 months.

  • This is what preorders are. I’ve ordered preorders often and I expect them to take some time. Once had a preorder deliver 2 years later some never come but they do refund the money. This is what R&D all about with this technology. When computers first came out on the market they were preorders in the 70’s.
    If ppl didn’t want to wait they should of ordered a released product. Preorder is the next step after cloud sourcing where they make a prototype and wand to start manufacturing.

  • @frontcentermusician They have the online status check now. I'm in the "preparing your order" phase, whatever that means. Could be anything from mining the ore for the solder to boxing it up. I have made up my mind that I won't see it, if ever, until October.