The Laney STB Mini...perfect cheap holdover amp

  • Ok so i got the Laney Mini amp STB version to hold me over from Amazon for 56 pounds and the thing sounds surprisingly good. You can even hook up your ipad/phone and run Bias amp or tonebridge through it. Sure it will not replace what we have coming but it is a similar product on a small scale. And if i get the Spark within 30 days i can even return the mini. But i would not mind keeping it to be honest.

    The on board clean tone is not bad at all. The distortion isn't all that great however. But i just got finished playing seek and destroy with the tonebridge app and man...i gotta say i was impressed.

    I recommend this little bastard of an amp.

    This is of course if you are in my shoes and have not had an Amp since November or so.