"Spark Amp" app and Apple IOS Bluetooth MusicJam "sound problem"

  • I've tried on I phone and a I pad ….The Spark Amp and the IOS device are paired but I do not get sound via Bluetooth to speakers of Spark Amp (Bass or Drums )and Yes my (Music Volume nob is up )… No sound threw Amp " Music"....But When using Android phone paired to Spark Amp it works ….Using latest version of app for both IOS devices and Android Device ...any help !!!!

  • I think you covered this, but at first that happened to me, and I realized I had to turn up the HEADPHONE volume knob to hear the bluetooth or backing tracks. The Master volume only handles the guitar.

  • Re - Spark Amp to Ipad > music playback Ipad Bluetooth says I'm connected with spark but still can't get the amp to play music threw it …. and again all volume nubs are up and re adjusted even on ipad …..Can hear the music play on Ipad ….I can pair other Bluetooth devices with spark amp ….The other devices play music with the app but not the Spark Amp itself ??? I have deleted the app on the Ipad and reinstalled and gone threw all the proper procedures with same exact result.... My Spark Amp only plays music via Android not ISO …. Help !!!!

  • @donald-aseyler Go to (settings) on your phone or IPad …. then go to (Blue Tooth) and make sure your phone or IPad sees the Spark Amp ...If connected ..you should see "Spark Audio 40" ...then you know its right !! ...Make sure no other devices are paired at the same time . Then open the (Spark Amp App ) on your phone or iPad and connect to the Spark Amp ….Make sure they are paired …. Then on the (App ) …. sign in ….. threw cloud to Positive Grid …. and should be good to go...Should be same with Android

  • I just received my amp and have the same problem.......
    I checked the blue connection on the iphone, and Ipad, I checked to make sure the blue light was solid. I deleted the app 3 times and reinstalled.
    Finally I put in a ticket to the help center.
    Your not alone.

  • @donald-aseyler @laz5690 My iOS appears to work ok with the Spark amp in playing music. 1. Check that the Spark app on your selected device connects to the amp and that no other device is connected to it via Bluetooth. Hopefully you should be able to switch patches via the app.

    1. Check on your device that Spark 40 Audio appears in your device list and is connected via Bluetooth.
    2. Check the volume on your device is up - I usually have my phone on silent or no volume for when I'm at work and was puzzled when I had no music playing on my Spark even though it was connected.
    3. Make sure the volume knob by the headphone input on the Spark is at least half way up.

    @laz5690 I'm assuming that the neither the Spark app or the music function connect to the amp?

  • @tuck60
    I’m going to try again and start with the iPhone.
    The app connects , in Blue tooth it shows up.
    The amps play fine, but when I use the music note , where the jam alongs are or the metronome, it doesn’t play out of the Spark.
    I’m using an iPhone X , but also tried it on a brand new iPad , same.
    I tried to use the iPhone and play Spotify thru the Spark and it didn’t work. The sound comes out of the phone.
    Thanks for any help

  • @laz5690 Thanks Tuck60 I did what you stated and made sure no other device was connected,
    Then I went they the Spark App and it said it was connected , the blue light was on steady but the sound still came through my iPhone.
    I went into Blue tooth settings and it was not connected.
    It didn’t seem to connect, so I turned the Spark off and then on again and it connected and works great.
    Thanks again for your help

  • I have the identical problem and just submitted a ticket.

  • @gstern1994 Let me know how it goes. I've recently updated the firmware, so don't know if this will make a difference. If PG don't come back to you in a couple of days, feel free to message me and I'll try to walk through this with you to see if I can help.

  • Still no luck, but I'm working with Support on it now. Updates to come.

  • @donald-aseyler Being of a certain age where modern technology takes me a while to get my head around, I found out that if you have your computer plugged into the auxiliary then blue tooth will not work.

  • You have "Sign In " into Positive Grid threw cloud and then it will work !!!

  • You have to " Sign In " threw cloud on the device to Positive Grid … then it will work after the Spark Amp and Device App are paired ….That's a key factor !!!

  • "Sign in" after they are paired

  • I got my Spark today and had the same issue, it was working fine on my Android phone but when I installed the ios app I got control of the amps etc but the songs just played through the ipad speakers, not Spark, also I couldn't see the Spark 40 Audio bluetooth connection on my ipad at all.

    My solution was to forget all of my ipad bluetooth connections,( Apple pencil and a jawbone speaker) and then switch Spark off and switch it on again while pressing preset button 4 for 3 seconds ( read this on the single card instructions in the box. ) Worked fine after that - hope it stays that way - loving it so far!

  • @bluewatersurf reconnecting my Bluetooth connection while restarting Spark and holding down Preset 4worked for me after an initial frustration. Thank you!