SPARK Order process... hint: NOT GOOD - UPDATED

  • UPDATE: So several other forum members (thank you for commenting on my post) have pointed out that I did NOT purchase as an early-bird buyer even though that was my recollection... so I will just continue to wait for my delivery. That said, I still think that PG could do a much better job of communication and it would be nice if they provided some method to allow buyers to get a current order status online.

    I Purchased as an early-bird buyer and was not surprised that there were fulfillment issues as I was treating this like a kickstarter purchase...
    What is really bothering me now is that the positive grid "Updates" say that ALL early-bird buyers have now received there amps. THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR ME !!!

    For now I will continue to wait and HOPE, but as a first time customer for Positive Grid, my experience has not been POSITIVE at all.

    BTW my order number is 3860 placed around November 6th in case anyone from PG would care to respond

  • jermch, you are mistaken about being an early-bird with order number 3860. My order number is 3016(Nov 4) and I am a Power Supporter not and early bird. So we just have to wait and see

  • @jermch your a power supporter like me man. Welcome to the think tank.

  • @jermch My order was placed on Nov 4th and was #3060. I am in the same, sinking boat. At 71 years old, I am very patient but becoming more skeptical by the minute. At this point, I hope I live to see my order.

  • @skiff-bp Same here. I wonder if we can asign a beneficiary just in case?

  • Interesting how the order number sequence works.
    I'm a power supporter with an order number of 95105 from November 27. I see your numbers like 3xxx and hope to hell I'm not waiting for 92,000 more Sparks to ship before I see mine! :D
    Anyone else have an order number similar to mine?

  • @art Mine was ordered on December 3rd, also as Power Supporter. My order number is 107466. At the time I ordered, Positive Grid had only just announced 6000 units presold, so the order number does not appear to relate to the number of units sold. The Spark page on the main Positive Grid site shows how many units have been sold under each pre-sale category. Last time I looked, the total across all categories looked to be close to 30,000.

  • Jermch, No, alas, you are a Power Supporter, as was I. I ordered Nov 16. Tired of the lame excuses, lies, deceitfulness I sent an email on Mar 1 requesting they provide me with the tracking numbers of my shipped amp or a refund by no later than Mar 6. On Mar 2 they sent an email stating my refund was processed. I took that as an admission that they knew they would not be able to ship my amp by Mar 6. I think you will be very lucky to see your amp by May.

  • @art I have a feeling the order numbers are set according to location: US, UK, Japan, etc. I ordered Nov 16 and my order number was 88***. I am not sure how PG expects to ship according to order number.

  • @art i have a similar order number and i am from Germany.
    When i look at the numbers they said that at the end of November10000 units where i think we are in the 9000`s and the remaining digit is for our region.

  • I ordered my amp Dec 31....order no.119963. If I’m not mistaken, the order no. correlates to the cumulative products sold by PG as they occur. Not worried about the delay. I know l’ll enjoy it once it arrives.