Just Canceled My Order

  • Received the latest Spark shipping update from PG this morning and immediately canceled my order. Not willing to wait another two months or longer. For those that are interested, I sent an email to the sending address on my original order confirmation requesting an immediate refund, and they responded back within an hour, claiming they had processed my request, and I should see a receipt for the refund "within a few hours". I'll report back here if I don't see anything by tomorrow.

    Good Luck to all who decide to wait... I think it's a great product that has been horribly butchered by poor execution and even worse communication. For me, it is doubtful I'll ever do business with Positive Grid again.

  • @marko73193 Thanks very much for the information regarding how to request a refund. This has been a subject of some debate on the forum recently.

  • @marko73193

    Me too. This is just BS. I won't buy anything from Positive Grid either.
    I understand that there might be production problems, especially with a new product- but the poor communication is just incredible. I asked for an expected delivery date. The answer: it could be March. Or April

    I placed my pre-order in October last year and I am tired of the 'estimated' date just being pushed back and back.

    If you go on to the Positive Grid web site and place an order now- it is still showing up as estimated delivery of March-April....
    Buyer beware ....!

  • just cancelled (requested anyway) mine as well afyer the "shipping update". Unacceptable, literally moving sunday, I'll just use the money for gas and rent sigh. just bought a NOS Pod HD to use instead of this amp anyway...jeeze you'd think they'd be more transparent about the issues, oh well.

  • @andrew Did your October order put you in the "early bird" group? The claim all of those have been shipped.

  • Ok I fold. I ordered my Spark Dec.16th and never heard a peep from PG other than my order confirmation on that day. I have never witnessed such unprofessionalism. Good luck guys!

  • All the people who ordered after you are thanking you for speeding up their orders. Food for thought.

    I find it slightly hilarious how people are so upset over waiting on orders for a product that hadn't even been made when they purchased it. I understand how the customer service dept. hasn't been good at all with shipping updates, but seriously--you've already decided to spend the money on the amp, and from the reviews it's sounding great so---why not just wait for it?

  • @myxolydian We are all, as you suggest, all just waiting for it. It looks like a great product and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it - the fact that it looks so good is just making the added delays more frustrating for people. As to you finding it hilarious that people are upset, I don't think anyone would be upset if PG had been communicating well and honestly. They are hard to get hold of - my initial inquiry took 4 days to get a response which was just a simple copy and paste of the latest update with nothing at all about my specific order, and my follow up response has fallen on deaf ears so far. Some of the reasons quoted for the delays are, frankly, just not plausible for what is an established, professional business. The PG moderators on this forum have gone silent lately too. When I ordered my amp, it was estimated to ship late December, which was just a few weeks away at the time. Then it was January, Then it was February, now it's looking like shipping in April which means I may not see it until May. Am I upset? No, not really. Am I frustrated? You betcha.

  • @myxolydian I actually find it more hilarious that with the complete debacle around the selling and delivery of the Spark, the fact that PG have not even updated the delivery dates on the pre-order page that anyone would not see why purchasers would be upset.
    No matter how good a product might be PG have taken peoples money held on to it for moneys and then only communicates delays at the very last minute.. utterly disgraceful behaviour by POSTIVE GRID.

  • What I wondered about is that when I ordered mine (received it 3 weeks ago) the money was taken immediately from my paypal account. Why did PG not just authorise the payment and then before shipping finishes the authorisation to get their money. That’s how for examples orders from Apple are handled. They don’t take the money before they ship. Should be the way to give users a good feeling.

  • Is the Coronavirus world slowdown affecting their ability to source parts ?
    Seems so. Looks like a long wait imo.

  • I think everybody that ordered before dec. 27 should cancel and send a real message. that way I'll get mine next ! lol

  • @myxolydian Wake up. You find it hilarious we are upset over the delay. There are over 20,000 orders now. The company claims it shipped amps to early birds. That means they have produced and shipped only 1,000 units. The amps were being reviewed by musicians all over the world. That means they had the capacity to produce them. It was not an item that was still on the drawing board, it was in production. It has taken them over 4 months, from October, 2019 until now, March 1, 2020, to produce those 1,000 units. At that rate of production it will take them 80 months, almost 7 years, to ship their first 20,000 units. That fact, along with the issues with PG's customer service and communication and, not to mention, the fact that they are still heavily marketing a product they can't produce has rightfully worn our collective patience thin. The problem is now, they probably don't have the capital to cover our requests for refunds. I, for one, have requested either verifiable tracking numbers for my amp or a refund by March 6.

  • @desertdrifter7 said in Just Canceled My Order:

    It has taken them over 4 months, from October, 2019 until now, March 1, 2020, to produce those 1,000 units. At that rate of production it will take them 80 months, almost 7 years, to ship their first 20,000 units.

    The early units may have been produced in a manner that couldn't meet the planned production rate, so I don't think that logic holds true. You have a very good point though. If they can't produce enough to meet their expected delivery rate ... and I would expect they made promises to place some in music stores by a certain date ... they may have seriously underestimated their production requirement. If they have to change production plans/facilities, that may impact the product quality. They owe it to those who preordered and supported this new product to be transparent about this.

  • @captainfruitbat unfortunately delays are common on any type of preorder. that is why most company's give price breaks or extra stuff if you preorder.

  • @prsbrock This is not an excuse for Positive Grids poor treatment of it's customers, money has been taken from customers accounts, this is NOT a kickstarter project contrary to some peoples believing it was.
    A company's decision to offer price breaks is to drive sales and the "extra stuff" is paid for as is reflected in the price of a standalone unit against one with "extra stuff" as you put it.

  • @donramsay

    I’m not sure- placed at the end of October (#1497)

  • @andrew The price you paid should tell you if you look at the pre-order chart.

  • With all the mass confusion over accurate shipping times, I still ordered the Spark on Jan 15th. The same day i ordered a Yamaha THR-10 II wireless from a major music retailer (Who didn't charge my account until the item shipped). I cancelled my Spark order today after receiving E-Mail notification that the Yamaha THR-10 II Had indeed shipped with a tracking #. To those who are still waiting, good luck to all of you and hope your patient, it looks like a LONG wait. Combine the lack of any recent online reviews in the last month or more (Likely due to buyers not receiving their orders), the lack of communication updates on PG's part, a less than fully functioning App for the Spark amp and the likely production slowdown and part sourcing due to the Corona virus debacle in China, it will probably push delivery dates and full functionality of the amp out even further than they are now.