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    Last Chance Special: Spark
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    It's the last chance to get your Spark amp at this great pre-launch price. Order now before our pre-launch ends!
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    Mar - Apr 2020 (recently updated delivery projection)

    I ordered my amp within the last two weeks.
    Given the fact that many of the pre-orders from previous sale stages have not been fulfilled, I can conceive two scenarios:

    A) If I am to receive my order in the projected delivery window, Positive Grid has worked out their logistics and a flood of Spark Amps will be shipping worldwide in the very near future.

    B) Positive Grid is being disengenuous, and that, come April-May, those customers currently purchasing a "Last Chance Special" amp will find themselves in the same boat that many of the previous stage customers are in now.

    I also note that the projected delivery windows for previous sale stages on the page have not been updated. Unfortunately, this gives the casual viewer the impression that these transactions have been fulfilled or are currently being fulfilled-this is not the impression I get from discussions on this forum.

    I, unlike many of you who have been waiting for months, have the luxury of hindsight and the progression of events is quite clear. When I made my purchase, the projected delivery window was March. This has been updated to March-April.

    By this time, Positive Grid should have a realistic time frame for the delivery of this product, especially given the fact that they are updating their commitment to deliver said product to new customers.

    By the time May arrives, one of the two scenarios will have played out and my choice will be simple.

    Bonne chance a tous!