Help with saving presets.

  • I'm running bias fx and bias amp 2 on an ipad. My problem is I can't seem to save an amp with the cab sim out of the signal chain. I go into bias amp 2 , tweak the amp and pull the cab out of the signal chain. I go back into bias fx, and save it. Then I move to my next preset, and do the same. When I go back to the prior preset I just set up, the cab is back in the signal chain. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm using the irig stomp io which is working great. I want to set up 4 presets without cab sims in case I decide to run the the clean channel on my amp, or with cab sims when running thru the PA. No problem with setting up 4 presets with cab sims, they don't go away. What is the sequence of events I need to perform to save 4 presets with cab sims, between bias fx and bias amp. Thanks. New to this.

  • Correction on my previous post.

    Does anyone know if you can save a preset WITHOUT a cab sim (via bias a
    mp and pulled into bias fx), and have it stick.

    It's no problem setting up presets with cab sims. I wish there was a cab choice of "none".

    Running into the clean channel of an amp plugged into a celestion cab, with a cab sim in place is... well lets say the tone is not pleasant.

    Thru the PA, no problem. You can run with it in a live situation. But I need the back up option of running thru an amp. Drummer says he can't hear me. My amp usually is set up right beside him. Sure would like to make this work. Save me from lugging heads and cabs.

    I sent this question out to Positive Grid over a week ago, all I'm hearing are crickets.