Help recording with USB cable

  • Ok got it all connected and do have an audio signal...into studio one 4 however I should be able to raise the input signal from the amp or at least raise in the program perhaps.....can anyone help. Jim

  • I am having the same problem except I am using Reaper....The input signal is very low even tho I have Master Volume on the Spark turned all the way up. I am not sure what I am missing, if anything?

  • put my ovation through it and some gain increase but not alot......found that i can increase the volume in program but prefer recording a bit louder and trim it

  • I m having the same problem the signal is so so so low via USB .. I m only able to record decently with a microphone.

    Via USB the signal seems to not go louder with master o with music volume , the Amp instructions say that to encerase the record signal you need to push up the little button the one you move to turn the backing tracks up ... but I tried and nothing ...

    Hope someone can help with that .
    Thanks 🙏🏻